Feb 25, 2012

sick as fuq

feel bad for me please:(

fuck you  fever =(
yes, I do enjoy posting very unflattering pics of myself.

Feb 9, 2012

time for an update maybe? and london again :)

soo it's been like forever since I last made a post....tbh I haven't really played any poker since dec 18th. I made a serious attempt about 3 weeks ago, but my internet isn't working properly so it just tilted me. played about 80 hands, but actually won a bi. then I got disconnected (x100). so I just thought "fuck it".
 will try to grind some more when I get back from london, going there tomorrow :)
I still have my job so I can't stay for too long...
will be amazing as always...too bad it's still cold as fuck there. not as cold as here though, had -25C the other night....not cool :/