Nov 28, 2011


yeah I've seen the thread, but I have absolutely NO idea what u guise are talking about. if someone wants to fill me in on the details that'd be great. who is monkyyy? I actually registered for the forum but I guess it's locked now or something. dutch is quite similar to swedish, but I still don't understand it.



hit n ran 240bb today, tables died pretty fast anyway. :[

Nov 27, 2011

seems like ipoker is introducing their own "essence" system...fu ipoker?

well isn't that awesome?

not sure if anyone plays there anymore though, seems to be mostly bots (not house bots ;) ) playing there aorn.

and I'm not really sure where I should play (yes, again, I'm confused and allowed to change my mind several times a day because I'm a girl, ha!).

was thinking about enet, but it's not totally reliable if u don't have a good agent..
maybe pkr again? even though it messes my laptop up when pt3 is running (this is probably not pkrs fault, just the shitty shitty software of pt).
had a pretty decent weekend, think I won like 12 bis or so. :]
how was ur weekend?

also wondering if I should dye my hair again :P darker this time. like this but not
oh, got some great tips on not being so results oriented, thanks guys:) <3

Nov 24, 2011

way too results oriented

god I hate it. does anyone have a good tip to help me get rid of it? to not care about results?
someone said he'd been playing for a month without looking at his graph/balance in the client ..
I'd love to do that :P but kinda hard to when u see ur balance when u log in. gah. another reason to play at stars I guess.

oh, my facebook is back, well, for now at least.
gonna play all weekend now :]
and next week will be drunken mongo nights (but without nilla :( )
nilla will be avail for mongo night in one month, weehe ! can't wait! :D

Nov 13, 2011

don't wanna go home :(

going out tonight again. :)
gahhh I'll miss london and nilla so so so much. I should buy a new ticket home, shouldn't I?

oh, saw the kebab guy (almost) beating someone up. no idea why though, I wonder if he said something nasty about his kebab or something :P good times. we also got (stole?) a balloon. when we were walking home with our balloon random people said "happy 3 years" and we have no idea what it means. do u?

Nov 12, 2011

do u want to f*ck? like seriously

ehh who says that?
where u from, sweden blablablablabla, "do you want to fuck?" "no I do not (not with you anyway)" "ehh sorry, did I offend you?" "have a good night sir kthxbye" wtf? 11 pm ? like, already? don't think so sir


Nov 10, 2011

mongo night(s) coming up!

will be amazing. will it beat monday mongo night? not sure, it'll be damn hard to beat that!

if anyone wants to come, we'll be in clapham junction drinking beer and jäger :]

Nov 8, 2011

h00kers and blow. true story this time.

hungover :(

started out by going to a bar...then a gay bar in soho..met a weird gay man who really wanted to show us which prostitutes he'd slept with (and also their chat convo, a bit strange), take a pic of his peen and when we asked him where people go after this (since it was a monday) he said that we could go to his place and do some coke and call some prostitutes. well why not?
anyway, ended up at another club and stayed there till 5 or so, then we went home, ate eggs (wtf) and fell asleep.
I seriously don't want to show you any pictures from this fine evening..........

(old pic, I'm not blonde anymore)

Nov 7, 2011

london in a few hours

so happy
air update: free wifi onboard lolwat awesome
hai guise

Nov 4, 2011

guess what I just did

winnar gets $100

cu in london (I wanna say bitches ,but apparently I'm not allowed to) bros!