Apr 30, 2011


hit n run 4 bi ! that's how I roll baby. no but seriously....

I have a real hard time putting in a session if I know I have to leave in 1 hour (or w/e) .. anyone else? I really need the whole nigth free to feel good about playing ..might run bad, might get stuck, might get stacked by a 79/0 mongoloid three times and wanna win it back ....
as always
the hardest part is standing up

do u have a hard time standing up?

Apr 28, 2011

keep on grinding

...but it's rigged so it's kinda boring to get it in with top set if ur gonna keep getting rivered by bottom set two times/day :p but seems to be fairly standard on ftp. should withdraw.

been breaking even for three days now, sure it'll turn soon. :)

here's to hoping
one time baby!

Apr 20, 2011

winning !

I've also started a microstakes project on stars, donating all profits to charity [brag]. so I deserve some goodrun there imo:)

kinda need to find a good movie to watch. any recommendations? no action! :p

this is...so fucking funny. 2.20 guy is my fav
(stupid widescreen thingy)

Apr 17, 2011

Hooers and Blow, Bitches!

I'm one of those very anti drugs people. One of the few?  Never done drugs nor do I inted to do any (why would I?). Seems like it's "natural" to take drugs when ur pro and "balla" in the poker world. Quite disgusting imo.
Was reeeeally uncomfortable when people started doing coke at an after party in Vegas. Do drugs all u want, but PLEASE, don't tell me! :)

Had a reeeally weird poker day yesterday, played about 7k hands, maybe four different sessions and I was just rollercoaster grinding. Up down, up down, doooown...and when I finally gave up I noticed that I was 350 (yes, three fiddy)bb up:) hooray! Thought I was BE because of all the bullshit hands.

ISN'T HE LOVELY?! :D I call him mr floof. Important to say it with german accent! :)

Oh yeah ...pokerstars and ftp and all that crap, HOW SICK IS THAT ? makes me sick to my stomach! Can't imagine what all the US players are feeling right now! Sorry bros :/ (and sis' ldo)

Apr 14, 2011


been in grind mode for a couple of days :P avg winnings ~about 250bb/day except for one where I lost 233bb. uhh. yea.
been playing every day minus sat, went out:) had fun. no drama.

Apr 8, 2011

friday grind!

my pokerstars avatar got approved in less than 12 hour so let's see if it can give me some good run:) at least it always makes me happy...haha

played a really short session last night (hit n run ftw), I should've kept going, but I wasn't feeling it ..won about 3 bi ~400 hands.

GL if ur playing tonight!:)

Apr 6, 2011

session cliffs. hard night. :p

started off awesome by losing like 5 bi to sick shit, ran extremely bad :(
someone wanted to donate to me in the end so it saved the night :P
 not fun to play when u never hit anything, no draws, no sets..anyway. hopefully it'll turn around soon, setmining is no fun if u have to fold every single time..harr. ok, not every time ,but, u know what I mean.
miss london.


Apr 4, 2011

session cliffs

I was so angry today and I have no idea why .. :o angry day?:)
think I'm back to "normal" now that I start off by losing 2 bi. super standard. super motivating. not..

anyway, I didn't play too good so I'm quite unhappy about that..
lost AA vs T6o two times (same time, different tables), kinda sic. but w/e, keep on fishing with  ur retard hands and we'll see how that works out in the long run. god I hate "in the long run"..NOW!!!! haha..

vegas please

I'm so going this year too.

first song we heard in vegas 2010:) in the limo..no brag. felt super gay to take a limo to palazzo dressed as hobos after a 24 hours trip. not balla.


was afraid I had lost my mojo. but I have decided that I haven't. :p
gonna crush tonight.

my poker rules:
never play drunk
never move up in stakes when stuck

this one is like 50-50, hard to follow
just stop playing when ur stuck (no marathon session), ur not playing ur a game and everyone knows it.

I miss london and walking home at dawn.. :p

Apr 3, 2011

session cliffs

bad day. couldn't focus. -18bb, was -250 but w/e ..nothing happened except me bleeding money..blabla.
tomorrow is going to be better.

sunday grind

will be alive soon enough :)
no hangover, it's been raining all day and I'm drinking coffee atm. dinner then griiind.  think I'm gonna play some tournaments tonight and shiiiip it.

Apr 2, 2011

I don't even care -come at me bro

random guy beat me up outside the club tonight, or well, tried to. someone bled and it wasn't me (no idea who it was actually or where it came from).

and yeah, I really said come at me bro, so fucking funny. (his swedish wasn't good....)

Apr 1, 2011

session cliffs

soo I ended up winning about 700bb, which I'm very pleased with ..but a part of me thinks I can do better and win MORE. I guess ur never completely happy?

still in two donkaments and wanna bust asap so I can go to bed because I'm actually tired :P

might post a graph tomorrow even though it's nothing special really.

friday night + new month = grind

hope all goes well:P
going out tomorrow so hopefully I'll run good tonight:)