Jun 30, 2010

Vegas - day 2 :)

Woke up at 8 and it felt guuuud. Had breakfast at Subway and then we went to the pool which was pretty awesome (not freezing cold water like Mirages).
Went to Rio after that and got our seat cards etc. Hope it won't be too ghey to play tomorrow. Rio kinda freaked me out a little, too many poker bums at one place. :P

                                                           HEY MAMA. NICE ASS YO!

Le pool..weeh.

And this is what I found when I got back from the pool (Erica left early). She has no idea where all my Twizzlers went. :P

And this is now, I may be a little bored.. ;)
So..we're going to investigate Victorias Secret now. Think we'll eat dinner at Outback Steakhouse tonight, it was pretty awesome the last time. Minus the part that I don't eat stakes anymore. I want to but I won't.

Almost forgot, I think I found a real diamond in our safe box. Or it may be just glass but whatever. But wtf should I do with it? Can I get money for it? It's pretty small. 

Jun 29, 2010

Vegas baby!

Yes..very original.
I'm so fucking tired, you have no idea! And Erica is really scared of flying. It's escalated and is worse than ever. There was some turbulence on the first flight and she thought we were crashing. And she was crying and screaming..and probably freaking everyone out :P ..and I was like oh god, make her stop..hahahah!! I thought I was pretty awesome and calm and tried to explain everything with fancy (made up) words and stuff.. :D

Ah well. Took a limo from the airport, so lame. 6 bums in a limo. Changed clothes and ate dinner at some meh place at Palazzo and then Walgreens, twizzlers and Fiji water. Now: bed.
Tomorrow: tan. And no coffee, american coffee is not coffee. It's tea with a hint of coffee.
Pics coming tomorrow probably. Think I might have to go to Rio too..hmm..
ah well. 9.15 pm here :) Hope we won't wake up too early tomorrow.

Jun 28, 2010

Airport soon.. :)

..in like 8 hrs or so. Gah..I'm already tired. And noticed that my milk expired yesterday, no biggie..right? Warmed it up in the microwave (as usual) and then it got all lumpy and ...not very nice:( how will I make it through the night without coffee? Hoooooow? :P

Played like 300 hands or so, lost 40 bb, nothing special. Lost AA vs JJ aip so that was pretty much /quit for me. Won 290bb or so at rush. Wee.
Too lazy to get a graph up but you get the point.

I love penguins:) ..even when they're mad  :p

Vegas tomorrow!

Can't wait. :)
Packing and stuff now...wee!

Jun 26, 2010

Session cliffs

Played my freerolls, rigged as always..lost a 99.39% :P haha..impressive, right? Oh well..I can be bitter when I'm older.

Cg was rigged too :( A few setups and lots of suckouts. So I'm happy with -180bb..you can't win EVERY time..right?
Gonna try to stay awake for a while now so I can skip sleep the night before the flight..have to leave at like 5 am anyway and I usually go to bed around 3.

So..coffee now. :) haha..it's 1.42 am here.

found me a nice retard (92/44) with 700 bb
  up  345bb now :) the "wee" was a veery secksy pot vs retard..my plan worked *proud* :) I bet 33 into 120 on the river with a flush (flopped it) and he went allin with A5 high, missed flush.

Jun 25, 2010

getting drunk day wee

yap. ze drinking stars in ~2 hours. :)
def no poker today. I never play drunk. unless it's live;) and I sometimes see Q8 as QQ and A4 as AA so that's kind of a problem. I actually need glasses (mostly when I watch tv or whatever) but yea, do not want. I don't really watch that much tv anyway (computer ftw!)

I have to start packing and shit soon..I hate that.

Jun 24, 2010

5 days left bitches, lets go! :D

I have some stuff to take care of now I guess.. :P
Mani+pedi ...waxing..color mah hair..load ipod..charge dsi..find earphones..figure out wtf I'm bringing..like..did I ever wear pants the last time? I think not..?

Tomorrow is getting drunk-day in Sweden so that's what I'll be doing.
Saturday is grind day I hope. Playing the vip freerolls @ 888 even though my acc is super rigged there :(
Hopefully I can get rb on ftp too..rush <3

I love "invisible ..." lolcats.. ;D

Jun 23, 2010

bla bla bla...

today is a very very very bad day. you think you know someone after 13 years. but nope.
and no, this is not bf whine.. :)

new day tomorrow!
and I hate world cup..

going to drink coffee now and think evil thoughts. so evil.

Jun 22, 2010

Session cliffs

Not in the mood to play regs..and not in the mood to jump down either. :P
So this is it for today..got 2 outed by a 40 bb retard last hand too so, fu poker.
Played some rush too and won a buyin..dunno how to get pt to work with rush (and if it's even possible)..might have to investigate that later:)

Played some miniature golf earlier. I must admit I have played better. Like at least once. :P hahaaha.
mini golf screen. :P 7 is best,right?

found some fishies waiting to be eaten and hahahaahahahahahahaha!?!?!?

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to alex [4c 3h]
retard 1 calls 1.00
xx folds
retard2 calls 1.00
alex checks
*** FLOP *** [3s 9c 3c]
retard2 checks
alex bets 2.00
retard1 folds
retard2 calls 2.00
*** TURN *** [3s 9c 3c] [9h]
retard2 checks
alex checks
*** RIVER *** [3s 9c 3c 9h] [3d]
retard2 goes all-in with 271.98
alex goes all-in with 155.06
*** SUMMARY ***

retard2 showed [Kc Kh]
I guess he really wanted to win that 7bb pot...?

Good games?

Looks like there are some good tables running atm but I, unfortunatley cannot join. :P
Have to go buy teh aloholz and stuff for teh weekend because it's going to be awesome. No ridic drunk druggie chicks so that's great. :)
Oo well. Hope the fishies are still there when I get back in like 2 hours.

Jun 21, 2010

session cliffs

mtts = fu
cg = meh

damn u world cup!!!!

only regs playing......how exciting...? should I play mtts instead?

  playing a few mtts and cg even though there are no good tables..meh, up 120 bb or so.

playing rush poker as well and I think I'm up like 1 bi there but it's a little rigged today :P

Jun 20, 2010


I don't feel so motivated to write when I'm not grinding..I mean..why would you even bother to read it? :)
I will try to grind for a few hours tomorrow, possibly some rush poker again.. ;) that was fun! No answer from that rakeback site yet but I did get a $5 transfer from FTP today, email just said I had received it and that it was accepted. Any idea if this is rakeback...? But it should probably be something like $5.29 if it was.....but...wtf is it!? Halp!!

Anyway. Life is awesome. So much love. :)

motivate me...please?

uhh god..last night was a big fail..I was pissed..retard girl pissed me off even more, had to gtfo before I strangled her.. :) not good for my poker kharma imo. ya, if ur reading this, NO, I DON'T LIKE YOU...wtf is your problem? why would I like you? thought I made that very clear already. fuck off please.

then I had to pay my friends cab because she's obv retarded and don't know where I live when she's drunk.
she took a $100 detour.
she was soo wasted... interesting night, at least.  :)
fail nights are good nights too. eh.

and ofc I don't feel too well today so I'm not sure if I'm playing or not. but the night is young so maybe I'll see you guys later.. (:

last nights outfit, and YES you want to see this in a poker blog. it's my blog and it's my rules. (;

Jun 19, 2010

Party tonight, no grind :)

Sorry y'all, bitch is going afk.. ;)
Hope you have a great night, I sure will.

Me tonight :D :

Jun 18, 2010

Session cliffs

Aeh..that session was so lame. Swingy.
Lost a ~400 bb pot to a donk with no fold button (got 2 outed). Won AA vs KK aip, he flopped a king..I got a rr flush..mwahaha..justice was served.

I played rush poker for the first time and that was hilarious:) Weird dynamics but I think I have to set up a rb account if that's possible (when you already have an acc, does anyone know?!), I soo wanna play more rush :) Just played nl10 and won like 3 buyins. Was up about 9 but then the rigg striked..hehehe. Lost a few weird hands.

And I deposited at ongame and won one dollar. :D that network is retarded, couldn't get into any good (?) tables, I saw NO fish. Seriously, NONE. I played maybe 150 hands om 3 tables. I think I might try a tournament Sunday ..hope I'm not too hangover because I'm going to drink loooots of beer..fun party tomorrow :)

Getting ready for grind :)

Yap. Won't start till ~6 pm though (in ~4 hours).
Weather sucks today (again) so that's ghey too. Wanna go to Vegas tomorrow:(

I think I'm going to try my new nickname out too, I have a new account set up on ongame ..havn't been fishing there for quite some time now so I hope there are some donks left for me..and the new client sucks too. I saw that they still have no waitinglist..that's pretty f-ed up?

I just kinda noticed I'm using the fat girl angle on almost all my pics. Might be because I'm a little fat but I dunno. At least I'm not doing the duck face on all pics. :) Just some. When I'm really hammered.

And yes. Kitty wants to travel too.

Jun 17, 2010

Food poisoning ftw

No grind today, it's probably -ev to play when you have to run to the toilet to throw up every now and then.

But it's Friday tomorrow and hopefully there'll be lots of drunk donks just waiting to give me money.
my cat is pretty

Jun 16, 2010

I love freerolls!

I started building my bankroll through freerolls on various sites. At first I tried prima (microgaming) and built it up to about $700, I'd say 50% freeroll winnings and rest cash game. I quickly noticed that I wasn't allowed to cash out any of it. Ever. Didn't make me too happy but there was nothing I could do..I don't remember the details (it was over 6 years ago) but I'm pretty sure I was pissed as hell.. ;)
This is probably why I really hate prima. I hate hate hate hate prima.

I moved my sweet ass to merge network, I think they only had one skin at the time and it was called poker.com ..ah..the good times we had.. :)
I think I won like $5k on freerolls there, yay me. But again, those freerolls were awesome, like first prize in monthly tournament was $3k I think and not that many players, like 900-1000 maybe?

I still play freerolls every now and then..but they usually have some kind of requirement, that you're a certain vip level or have played x raked hands in the previous week/month/meh..but I can't say I've won anything really...

The monthly vip freerolls at 888.com are great imo but it's really hard to get the highest level.
 And it looks like merge doesn't have their awesome freerolls (with hand/point req) anymore..?! I have to say I'm disappointed.. I was actually thinking about depositing there again and playing micro stakes just to get into the freerolls.. ;)
Seems like it's really hard to find decent freerolls these days, even with requirements.
First deposit freerolls are usually pretty good though. I might have to look into that again...
If you know something I don't - tell me. Go! Or else..no cookies for you!

Freeroll grinding in bed? ah yes, why not. not my best look though. :P
 I love this pic

oh, my cat Räven loves freeroll monies too. wee!

Bounty tournament tonight

Gonna be fun to be the bounty..haha.
I think it's +ev to call me with any 2. GL to everyone who's playing.. 3 hours left and I'm the only Swede registered.. :(

Tried to find a dress today but the one I had in mind was sold out... :/ Buhu..had some sushi though, yay.
Think I have to make some dinner now and probably start a session after that. And yes, coffee. Never forget the coffee. Mmm...coffee.

And I can't believe two people think the platypus is alive. Looks like he's been dead for quite some time tbh.. ;) Or is that what they look like?! If so I'm seriously glad the platypus cage was closed when I visited a zoo in Australia. I like to think of them as fluffy rat ducks. Kind of.

Jun 15, 2010

Vote please!

What do you think?
Is this animal dead or alive?
Anna and I had a long discussion about this little guy...

Session cliffs..again

..coming soon since I'm not with my grind:)
got pretty pissed when I lost AA vs AK aip though. in a deep stack tournament..cmon dude, I don't think ur A high is good here :P but ofc I love that play by him ..I wanna be ai against that hand every time when I have aces..anyway, I'll update when I'm done.

450 bb   something, still in a few retarded mtts , just feel like killing myself and i hate tournaments so god damn much ,ghaaaaaaaaaaaaa
and I've also decided to leave PKR already because it's causing conflicts with pt3 or something, my comp just freezes whenever I try to close the PKR client. might try ongame for a change, I dunno. fml fml fml.

Good morning:)

My friend woke me up with a chicken burger and then we went to buy some retarded flowers and stuff.
Now: coffee and look at retarded flowers.
Later: grind and hopefully win monies and then shop like retard in Vegas. Yay!

Ok, so, I did this interview thing yesterday with Rikard from pokertube and it's up there if you want to laugh at me. I recommend you not watching it though since my mic is gay and I suck at English when I havn't spoken it for a long time .. :) But sure, go ahead, laugh at me, it's on the first page there somewhere.

this is my fav dress. :) and no, this is not at my house (horrible carpet), its in the Bahamas. :P

and me, of course, drinking ze coffee. and looking a little creepy.

Anyway, I'll try to grind a lot tonight, my wrist is ok again and I'm feeling pretty good about it. We'll see how it goes, I'll start it up in about 3 hours.

Jun 14, 2010

15 days till Vegas!

It's going to be awesome. The flight, not so much..Erica is terrified of flying so she'll be murdering my hand while keeping me awake for 24 hours. Excellent.

Plans for tonight will probably poker related.. :) Since this is my "test month" I really have to test it and not just sit on my ass and wait for the 29th to come. Motivate me.

Our 20 sec sex tape from Vegas 2007..dunno if translation is needed.. ;) it's like moan bitch, scream my name and then a very authentic orgasm in the end.

From inside the limo, me and Nilla in the end.. :)

Jun 13, 2010

Multi tasking....

..it's not so hard! :D


So..Sunday means tournament day. Right? Dunno yet. My wrist hurts like hell today.. :( guess I shocked it with a 10hr grind..
I'm pretty tempted though since I now have money on almost every network that has decent tournaments. Hmh..itchy fingers. 

I think I'll just make some coffee and watch breaking bad and dream a little about Vegas.. it's still early :p
so sad that Nilla couldn't get off work this time..I'll miss you babe. Lots.

                                        In da cab in Vegas, not very highroller style! ;p

Jun 12, 2010

Session cliffs.. :)

Started out crappy, as usual, couldn't win JJ vs retard aip, he had A4o (!)
Nothing interesting either.

I forgot to unregister for a tournament on pokerstars and I was like "ah what ever..he..he he...he." and wouldn't mind being eliminated on the 2nd hand if he had a very unlikely full house. I'm not really in the mood for playing anymore today.. arrrrgggghhh.
I guess I should get a hand converter or something but w/e, I'll just try to make it pretty:)

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Barfbreath [7s As]
(everyone folds but KBH7, I'm sb)
KBH7: calls 20
Barfbreath: calls 10
e13crucial: checks
*** FLOP *** [4s Qs 3s]
Barfbreath: bets 40
e13crucial: folds
KBH7: calls 40
*** TURN *** [4s Qs 3s] [6h]
Barfbreath: bets 100
KBH7: calls 100
*** RIVER *** [4s Qs 3s 6h] [6d]
Barfbreath: bets 220
KBH7: raises 220 to 440  <---wtf
Barfbreath: raises 2380 to 2820 and is all-in <--- u wanna do this?
KBH7: calls 2380 and is all-in <--- yay!
*** SHOW DOWN ***
Barfbreath: shows [7s As] (a flush, Ace high)
KBH7: shows [Qd Js] (two pair, Queens and Sixes) <;--- double wtf
Barfbreath collected 5980 from pot
KBH7 finished the tournament in 1733rd place <-- fyl

Graph not 100% accurate, it's showing ~290bb + and I'm up 490 -ish.

New day, new game, new retards.

Yep. Time to start the grind.. :)
I was actually quite disappointed at the fish late night at svs..at least I didn't find them..? Found one guy who played 85/50 and raised 6x bb pre ..but he 2 outed me two times so that was pretty disgusting, I think he left with 9 buy ins. Way to go retard.

Oh yea, am I the only one who thinks this is hilarious?
"WSOP Says There Will Be Consequences for Men Entering Today's Tourney" 

"Men who entered the 2010 ladies event at the World Series of Poker could face a possible suspension or ban from future WSOPWSOP Communications Director Seth Palansky told Card Player today."

..like wtf? sounds a little extreme..


apparantly he (Shaun Deeb) lost a prop bet..aww.. :)


and now I'm pissed off so I'm just shutting down..got 1 outed in a huuuuge tournament pot, so, screw you poker, I'm going home (and soo watching south park). 5 buy ins up in cg though. 

Jun 11, 2010

Session cliffs

About 165 bb down.. :(

I'm crazy tired now so this won't explain my rage too well.. ;) But I've played pretty much all night, "just because I can" ..haha
Anyway, nothing worked today..no sets, no high pp..if I did hit a set/high pp I got brutally surprise buttsecksed. So sore. Aip a few times with KK, QQ vs Ax and yes, of course, the ace fell. Everywhere.

However, I played some mtt's as well..  And they actually went alright, thought about some stuff my new friend schnerrrdy told me. Maybe it was that or maybe it was luck, we'll see tomorrow. I made 2 final tables but no serious cash. Hmh.

And ya, played my first session at PKR and that was so lame and I lost about 16bb/800 hands. My computer doesn't like the client at all..even with min spec..might be bcause it's summer and it's really hot inside (and my laptop gets very warm). I'll see what I can do!

Now: sleepy time.

Grind !

Mhm, I'll start loading the tables in ~3-4 hours, have some stuff to do before that..like playing treasure isle on facebook..and also, the action is much better when the retards get home from work etc.. :P and hopefully start drinking since it's Friday..yay!

Also got a little surprised that my max deposit (24 hours) with neteller on pokerstars was $600..like wtf, I thought the daily limit was like a million..at least a few k. I guess I should email the support..meh.

WEEE!!! (my pw for svs)

Jun 10, 2010

Hell yeah! FINALLY!

They finally came to their senses and gave me my money!
Tomorrow at ...6-7 pm the grind begins... :) I really hope I get my pw for svs tomorrow, I'll be sad if I don't.

I'll be playing mtt's as well as cg..and it'll be my first time playing on PKR in like..2 years. Will def be interesting :)
I even deposited at ftp!


edit: I just remembered that I havn't played 6 handed in like 1½ years (if you don't count my rake race month but that was me playing robot style) so I guess I have to play ...tighter? Or things might not end well:) 6max vs 5max is almost as playing fr ! So weird..

btw, I found this ..well..disturbing...lol


Ya..not feeling 100% today..more like 23.
And no money. They're all fuckers, just holding my precious dollars, rubbing them and touching them in ways they never imagined. My poor, poor monies... :(
I did sent them an e mail today and all I got was a lousy "they'll get back to you when they can" ...in like a month?

I'm just so pissed off today I'm not even gonna bother with anything today...

Jun 9, 2010


No money. Not even a "thank you Alex, we loved your passport pic (but maybe you should smile next time...?), ur cashout will take x bank days..have a nice day!" ..
Entertain me pls? Websites? Games? Porn? HITME! if the retarded comment doesn't work, write me a god damn e mail alexwentpro[ at ] hotmail.com

making faces in the webcam is fun for about...25 seconds.

The earthquake in the Caribbean during a poker event...

That was actually pretty sick. All the tables started shaking, chips everywhere, some people running outside..it was in St Kitts and the earthquake was waaaaaay off on another island but we felt it quite good. And we don't have earthquakes in Sweden so that was pretty weird for me. :) and this was from nytimes.com "powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 struck near the Caribbean island of Martinique on Thursday, sending tremors and panic through the region but causing little damage, witnesses said." so that's pretty phat, amirite?

Anyway, it was a CPC event, 2007? and I played event #4, 400 freeze with shitty structure (4k chips, 30 min blinds)
There was this wannabe pro guy with giant sunglasses and poker branded clothes, he looked pretty evil at my table.

Hand: Blinds 25/50 utg limps, I raise to 200 and THREE people call my raise..mr pro reraises to 1050 and ANOTHER player 4bets to 2k-something and I yawn and fold QQ..everyone else folds too. Even mr pro. I mean wtf?
Got AA once and everyone folded quickly. Lame.

Hand: I check in my blind with like 95o and there are at least 3 limpers and flop is J 9 3..I bet (I have a plan..I think)..mr pro is the only caller.. turn is a 2. I bet..river is another 3. I bet again...he puts on his sunglasses (OMG!:P) and thinks for like 5 min (well he's eyefucking me or something, Idk, I was pretty wasted at this point..hahaha). He folds. Meh.
I was out in ~45th place and 160~ish starters and 18? itm.. :(

The weirdest thing of the day was probably not the earthquake but the guy sitting on my right side asking me if I had any perfume so I could spray it on the mofo that's on my left because he smells "so fucking bad" and he then went on ranting about his body odour..he did smell very bad but I mean...you probably hurt his feelings dude? :( He was a nice german man I think.. And I didn't spray him! But I think he took a shower in the next break. Still not ok though. But you should probably have someone check ur smell before u sit down, I'm not loving bad BO tbh :P ..esp bad breath..urrrr

There was also this old creepy guy who asked me which seat I was when I first sat down at the table and (ofc) I had "6" and he points at his lap. I mean, what do you reply to that? Yes, kind sir, I would love to sit on your penis. Maybe we could lure it out with some sugar later on?

pics from the Bahamas but w/e:)