Aug 30, 2010

Off to Mallorca, see you in a week!

I'm not bringing my laptop -not sure if Nilla has any internet :P anyway. I'll probably update once or twice. Will take lots of pics. (:

And No, I don't have to watch out for the Spanish guys, hell, I'm half Spanish myself so I know all the tricks already! :D

Aug 28, 2010

Grind tonight

Wish me GL :)
Mostly gonna play the vip freerolls at 888. One time baby, ONE TIME!
I'll see if I can find any retards at the cash games, but I doubt it. It's been cold for a while now. Keep your fingers crossed, this bitch ain't going nowhere. (: of my fav pics evarrrr (:

I just got an email from the travel agency with a weather report. Slightly modified:

In Swedish yes, but I know you guys aren't retarded.

Aug 26, 2010

We leave at Dawn.

Five days left. :) I actually want to play poker now, weird, I know, but I won't. Hopefully I'm fully restored when I get back instead and misses it even more. Let's hope. Or maybe I won't miss it at all? Hmm. I think I should read the PLO book on the plane, if I'm awake..the plane leaves soooo early, it should be forbidden! We have to get up at like 4 am..and I go to bed at like..3-4 am. So tihs will suck. A lot. But Spain will be awesome.

Unfortunately there are some not so good things going on around me (not with me personally but yea, w/e) and it makes me sad. I hope it'll stop soon because I hate to see people I love hurt.

Oh, I got Starcraft 2 to work now, finally, my laptop is a little too sucky though but I DREAM OF KOREA!  hahahaha.


Aug 23, 2010

Oh baby it's raining!

Again! What a surprise. But I hear it's close to 33 degrees Celsius in Mallorca. Mwahaha..suckers.. :)
Ok fine, it'll probably be 17 and thunder. But that's ok. I just want to get away for a while and spend time with my two best friends. It's going to be l-e-g-e-n-d-a-r-y.. ;)

I miss breaking bad ..I hope it returns later this year (I'm afraid to find out)..

I also tried to record my cat acting like he was on drugs or something, chasing a stick (?!..yea..!?!!). but it's so lame that you can't take stills with ipods.
Does anyone know if you can get an app or something to do it? It's really retarded to have a video camera and not being able to take photos. At first I thought it was defect (hey, it came from the Pokerstars shop..) or something but it seems like they're supposed to be like that.  (?)

I have my "thing" tomorrow, keep your fingers crossed. After that I'll be back grinding as I should, I've kinda missed it a little..even though I played a short session recently. But I promise you. Alex will rise again. Stronger than ever blablabla.. ;)

I'm not quite sure why but I find them ADORABLE!! Please get me one!!! :D

Aug 22, 2010

Learning a Completely different game..

yea, that's what I thought..but the stupid game wont load on my shitty computer:(
I wanted to play starcraft, buhuuuu :p

something interesting is happening on Tuesday...let's hope it goes well. also: Spain in 8 days! wooo!

ru going to miss me? u better!

Aug 21, 2010

What have I become...

A shitty hit n runner ? This is not me. Teh Super Alex never quits. Teh Super Alex used to play 5k hands a day and that was a weak day. God.

But I just can't bring myself to do it, I'm scared, I'm disgusted, I'm bored...


I don't love you anymore ..

but it was once there and I think I can find it again. I'm sure.
I'll keep searching.


now: coffee. maybe find cat. haven't seen it in a while. hm.

oh..and I just noticed. 
my boobs look really weird on my header. win!

Aug 20, 2010 confused am I ?!!

I honestly thought it was Thursday today and was all like "harrrr! I'll grind tomorrow. Lots of drunk retards and such" is Friday. Weird. I opened the client earlier and the games suck so I just assumed it was Thursday. But weekend games are probably over rated, I think they consist of grinders most of the time anyway. Fishies are probably busy having a life.

Aug 19, 2010


Well why the hell not.
Can't make up my here's a pic of my cat Räven. <3

Taking it easy.

Nääh..don't wanna play tonight :)
Congrats to mr crazyman who busted me with 95 in my bounty tournament! I held AdJd and flop came Td 9x 8x I think and turn was another diamond which gave me a million outs but nope :P I was out in 10th place.

Now: coffee and hug kitty. Love.

Aug 18, 2010

Imma hitnrun you til it Stops!

Gonna play some PLO on FTP  and some tournaments (including my Bounty tournament) ..

Think I saw a video on bluefire called something like "misplaying aces in PLO" ,I should prolly check that out since I'm pretty much clueless when it comes to PLO (still working on that book,sorry Danne).
Feeling really sick too, dunno wtf is up :(

Things are looking brighter..and I'm the Bounty on 888 tonight.

Might be some changes after my trip to Spain and I'm actually looking forward to it. Won't say what it is yet but I'm sure it'll be awesome.

I'm going to be the bounty in pokertubes private tournament tonight, $5 buy in, $400 added and also $50 on my head :) Come get me!
Info here

Aug 17, 2010

I found out how the Waiting List Bug on Pacific Poker works! HA!

So sick. I actually thought it was just a bug but it turns out YOU can cause it. I knew it. Fucking retards, so unfair. I KNEW it wasn't just a coincidence when there was this monkey who got my spot on three fishy tables.

How can this not have been fixed yet?!

Aug 15, 2010

Session cliffs..well..kind of

It's from "after midnight" meaning today and I hit n run 40bb just now, like 35 hands (hehe!) :P
Played some on FTP too but it's so friggin' rigged there I can't believe why I even bother :( I'm 7 bi below expected today and 8 yesterday. At least I managed to go -+ today but w/e.
Revenge shall be mine!!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!

and I'm actually thinking of rake racing again. hm.

Aug 14, 2010

Sickest session ever

AA win % today: 70% ..normal: 90. Great.
Anyway..I've never been so bad beated in my life (ok,yes I have :P). Only got one-outed once today :) record is like 8 in a day (888..grr).

I'm actually up a 70bb but pt prolly missed something important (as usual).

it's been a long day.

Aug 13, 2010

session cliffs

officially giving up ...yes..already.
I just can't win.

also: trying to complete this :P

I need to watch mtt videos :P maybe they'll teach me how to run good?

Friday the 13th - do you dare?

Yes. Do you?
I'll probably grind a lot tonight since it's Friday and hopefully lots of drunks to catch. And let's just hope the cards stop falling in the rigged direction:P

Here's a chicken with a rooster. Awesome job.

right now I'm up 98bb ...taking a break. lost a 380 bb pot with top set vs middle pair who got a nice little draw on the turn when teh monies went in ...ugh. sucker straight for president plz.
oh, just to be clear.. I'm not bitter or angry when I type things like these. :)
I'm just..weird like that.
now: coffee and more grind. rawr.


and I start out extremely well, 6th hand AA vs KK aip, he flops a K ...didn't see that one coming, noope.

Aug 12, 2010

So slow..... -> session cliffs

It's like noone wants to give me their money anymore. It sucks.
And when I do get the money in good (like TT vs QJ on QT2 flop) I lose. I lost 4 sets in the same way (as described) yesterday. Frustrating.
Not sure what to do when the cards keep falling in the wrong direction.
This isn't new though. Hell, I've been playing since 2005 ......

man up.

Grind on.

short session, boring as hell. had to work hard to win those 50  bb or whatever it was. not motivated. vacation in 3 weeks..I need it.

Aug 11, 2010

Session cliffs

Today is not a good day. It's one of the shittiest. But at least it's not because of poker.

Don't wanna play anymore either so, this is it..+150bb. Started out so awesome with flopping a set only to get pwned by a higher river set. Hoo ray!

Got to try out a "new" network as well but I don't like it at all, the client is really hard to multi table on. It's almost impossible to just play one table. Hmmh. I wish I could play on enet..
I should move to Italy and go pro.

cashed in almost all tournaments(played 9-10, not sure) place was 9th I think and a whooping $ other words, nothing exciting.
I had a good stack (36k) in a 25k guar with blinds 400/800 and avg was 20k I think. Some retard open shoves with 27k and I snap call, of course, with the disgusting Aces. He wins with his small pocket pair. Well done. God job. Well played. Cu in hell.

Aug 10, 2010

Session cliffs!

I have no idea why pt3 has given up on me. The graph just wont show the right's not even close! It's too bad since it must've looked pretty interesting... super swingy sessions today.
Started by winning 250bb and then I was down 450bb I think..and then even..and then up 300bb...and then down 200 bb...and I just quit when I was up 275bb, haha. Could've saved me some time by just quitting the first hour but noo..the games were incredibly good today but no records for me today:(

Oh, I hate FTP. So rigged. Fu.

also: if I remove all my filters I just get a lot of random "unable to execute: sort by day" something something. If anyone has a solution for this, please let me know.

Aug 9, 2010

ARGHHHhh!! So close!!!!

Finished 2nd in a mtt today ...I'm still pretty disgusted since I lost AJ vs KJ aip......*puke*
anyway, still playing cg and one  last tournament ..let's see how it goes.

Down about 2 buy ins in cg
. . . . . . . . . . ahhh . . . . . . . still disgusted. Like I can feel the taste of vomit in my mouth. No wonder my nick is barfbreath hehe:)

Aug 8, 2010

itm but nothing more

god I hate sundays.....
itm in all tournaments on euro sites and 0% on FTP/stars, go american shit sites!
nah j/k. frustrating to go out with the best hand all the time:(

played some rush as well and that was rigged as hell, like AA vs AK aip (second hand!!!) and flop comes J88 ...well of course there's a Q on the turn ....and...whatever. fu poker.
better day tomorrow. fffffuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Pacific poker? Yes/no?

Soo..I played a few tournaments on Pacific Poker this past weekend (no success though:'( ) but I'm pretty tempted to play (grind) there again.
I really liked their new software, it's so much better than the previous one.
And I love that they have hotkeys (awesome if you multitable like I do)..I think there's only one more network with this feature (without using scripts)..if not, let me know! :)

I love the new card layout with the 4 color deck..I actually need glasses (but I'm like oh hell no..but mostly when I watch TV-anyway) so with these babies I can't misread my cards. Ever. :P I sometimes think I have QQ when I have Q8 or AA when I actually have A4 etc.

I accidentally played a $12k guar or something, I thought it was a freezeout (and I hate rebuy mtts) but of course it wasn't..almost made itm but I had a reatard on my table (which I love, when I win vs them :D) but I didn't this time..he moved all in almost every hand (and had been doing so for an hour -and made 20+ rebuys).

Anyway. I think 888 might have the best client right now. What do you guys think?
However, there are things I don't like. Like the waiting list is this not fixed yet?! So frustrating when you're first in line on a very juicy table..and you can't sit down!!!! :(

..and the "switch to -try again" bug too. Irritates me.

 Stole the pic from teh internetz.. :) (too lazy to make my own, even though this has been modified).
Now that I'm (yes, still) learning how to play multi table tournaments I still love the vip freerolls (I have VIP status,yay). I like their guarantee tournies as well..there aren't like 2k people in them (wooho) :) more like 2-400, should be easier to win one..especially since a lot of players suck more than me.. - Any day now! :P

Something for the beginners:
Poker Tournaments
Texas hold'em

Oh, by the way, Thanks 888 for letting me play event #54 in the WSOP this year, I had so much fun :)

Bury myself in Poker?

Think it might be a good idea. I have to. I'm too lazy.
Let's make some money bitches!
 This pic is from the Philippines, monsun period. Think it rained more last night in Stockholm. So weird.

Update coming tonight :)

Aug 6, 2010

Guess who's back? Back again..!

Home again :)
so..quiet..and peaceful..slept for 14 hours haha.
Might go out tomorrow...havn't decided yet. But the weather seems to be awesome again and it's no fun drinking beer when it's raining. Or well..not as fun anyway.
Not really in the mood for poker yet. But I need to play.

Have a few new ideas too..let's see what happens.

"Micke" (som har kommenterat här förut)
Kan du maila mig? alexwentpro[at]

Aug 2, 2010

I win!

I wish I could say the topic was poker related but it's not.

Killed a lot of them yesterday. Ha. Annas kid wanted to put them in a glass, no idea why.

but I mean..just in case.. :p

slept with the fly killing thing ..=) phone sucks so pic got veery small..

tonight: sex and the city 2
right now: coffee and then dinner


why I never watch TV anymore, right now: "how to wash your dick properly" If you don't know this you probably shouldn't be out in public. Ever.

Aug 1, 2010

Norrköping day 2:)

We watched Dear John yesterday and that movie sucked so much we want our ~2 hrs back! Fu movie, you suck!!!! :P frustrating.

I played my freerolls yesterday and that didn't go as planned, AT vs A3 :( And AQ vs AQ (haha).

I'm alone with the dog now and it's pretty much retarded. So whiny, like OMG I miss my family. Yes bitch, they probably left you because you're a whiny bitch. :p
Yes, I am a cat person. Haha.

Hope they get back soon because I'm hungry. Annas food ftw! I blonde or brunette now? I have no idea.

My poor hand.. :( But I can lift stuff with my hand today, yay. And move my thumb. Win.

Oh, they have SO MANY FLIES here. I almost killed myself last night, I slept soooo bad because of all the flies landing on my face, legs, you name it. I asked Anna to buy some stuff to kill the little fuckers later. Am I sick for looking forward to murdering the little bastards?