Oct 31, 2010

Makin maniiies

This guy is so awesome.

for teh lazies: he's down 900 on ~150 hands , playing 83/38 something.. wee (:

(I'm up 400).

cliffs: teh retards lurks at weird hours.

Oct 30, 2010


bad beat of the day:

me: AA
retard: 89
flop: A89

I didn't win :(((((((

3 way all in too, no idea what the other guy had
revenge shall be mine!

Oct 28, 2010

life is guuuuud

:) things are going really well atm. And Miami isn't too far away away either.

I just watched the pilot of "Rob and Amber against the odds" (some kind of reality star who wants to go pro live, uhh,lame) and ...it sucked ass. As expected, but still, really embarrassing to watch =(
Do you know what happened to that show with some pros living in a house just grinding for like 3 months? Possibly in Vegas? Did they ever record it? Might be fun to watch. 

Think we're going to Ikea with Nilla later today. And then it's Fishing Time! Ran really well my last session, one time baby, one time!

now: coffee and study bookkeeping (it's so boring). But I have to. :)

Oct 26, 2010

run good? session cliffs

määh...650 bb, ~2000 hands. wee.


 should I go out again this sat? less nästy shit in the cab this time though. eww....:(

Oct 25, 2010

session cliffs

I'm still pissed off, fuck you pt people.

won 250 bb or something, ~1500 hands. yay.

had so much fun with Nilla:) if she sends me the pics I'll show you. he he.. (: good times.
she's going to london in ~2 weeks for a job interview. I hope she doesn't get it :P *mine* ..haha.

pokertracker is the worst fking shit ever

it just never works, NEVER. if you want to spend $100 on something that's not compatible with ANY OS - go ahead, buy it.

2010/10/25 19:41:20: Fatal Exception during Auto-Import process: Unable to connect to database: PokerTracker 3 Database

"it's your firewalls fault"
no, you piece of shit, it doesn't even work if I DISABLE my firewall. fuck you.
"it's postgres fault"

no you fucking moron, I've reinstalled it 408495959 times
I've reinstalled pt a million times too AND IT DOESN'T WORK
"run it as admin"


"restart your computer"
do you think I'M retarded? YES I'VE RESTARTED MY COMPUTER!
and the funny thing is, that it's the EXACT same shitty problem on my other laptop!!!
what I did? oh, just booted my computer like always, started pt, oh no shit, doesn't work? AGAIN?

it is ridic that you have to pay extra for omaha support

don't buy pokertracker. pokertracker sucks. it never works. it's retarded. it's not compatible with anything.
seriously thinking about paying someone to ...well..I'll keep that to myself..for now.

Oct 23, 2010

session cliffs =)

didn't play too long yesterday, I had to take my cat for a walk :P yes, really.
I busted the mega fishes anyway so the tables were pretty bad after that. but one fish just threw his moniez at me so I was like..finally, one time! (see happy face on graph, tyvm)
I've started a little micro project as well, might be fun or something..let's see how that goes (:

going out tonight so no poke..=)

Oct 19, 2010


grind time =) need teh moniez for Miami ! and also my little project. lots and lots!

Nilla is home now! aeh..for a while at least..let's hope she won't find a place in London for a while :p ...I've missed her so much. going out on saturday too, mongo nights 2.0 :D
love love love.

mr cat got some fragrance oil on his paw last night so I had to remove it with soap+water (no idea how toxic that shit is)......and he was soo sad. :(

he looked a lot like this cat

Oct 16, 2010


I didn't play today ...was a little pissed that I missed my depositors freeroll on Betfair..but the stupid client won't even start on my computer anymore - even thought I've re installed it two times. Works fine on the mini laptop thought but who can grind on a 10" (?) screen?
Maybe I'll just stick to boss..best rakeback there anyway and the games are pretty good still.

So I thought I'd share one of my fav movie scenes evaaar...... :D

Oct 15, 2010

Session cliffs

that session was super rigged, lost 2,5 buy ins to mr retard fish (90/80) and he had three outs when the moniez went in (turn). and he hit. as you can see, I was not happy. =)

Oct 14, 2010

Vegas in pics vol.2


posing with mah jäger
Malin :)
duno if she's still p/o
Standard Vegas pics
Malins awesome tattoos

Oct 11, 2010

Miami, bitch

So, no PCA Bahamas. I think this will be more awesome, we're going on the Ladbrokes Cruise again. :) However, I get really seasick so lots and lots of drugs needed, yes indeed.

I played the ladies freeroll the last time we went (uh..2008?) and that went alright. I think it was like 30 ladies left and my motionsickness pills started to wear off and I saw no other option but to go allin and run to the cabin..haha. That freeroll sucked ass though, everyone thought it was a $x k (1 or 2 or 3 - can't remember, I'm old now you know), anyway, a normal tournament with normal payouts (150+ ladies registered). But only top3 got paid  and they got a buyin to some ladies tournament in London...and I found that out after I've registered etc so that was rather lame. Cash is king.

....I'll see if I can find any pictures frorm it... :)

Oct 10, 2010


Tournaments today? No idea. I really want to win a tournament again:) I don't play that many mtt's because they tilt me so god damn much (I love you tuff_fish). I haven't been "close" to the final 9 like ever on stars/ftp...but way closer on Euro sites. I made a ft once at stars like a million years ago, it was one of those freerolls for ...mieh..gold,platinum, something like that. I got a few hundred for that place and I guess it was a lot of money to me "back then". Baah... I miss how things used to be in the poker world.

And remember
Temporary setbacks are just that.

Oct 9, 2010

Saturday Night Grind

Yeap..that's what I'll be doing... :)
There were some crazy ass tables running a few hours ago and I tried to get in on the action (70 vpip tables, 90 bb avg pots), grahhh..mrähhh....Jaa..I tried. I got 2 buyins and then all tables died (retards left,eh)

Here's a hand that'll keep me up for weeks, kind of..it's so retarded I'm speechless..
And to clarify: this is my ~4th hand so I have no reads at all on these guys. When I got some hands on them they both played 80/50, which of course changes everything. But with no reads I am insta folding to a raise and a reraise when UTG limped. I think UTG (retard) has a set or a suited connector here almost every time, which is why I folded.

alex (MP) ($96)
CP ($305.29)
BB ($192.93)
RETARD ($496.13)
Button ($180)
Preflop: alex is MP with A, J RETARD calls $1, alex bets $5, 1 fold, CP calls $5, 1 fold,
RETARD raises to $9, alex calls $9, CP calls $9  
Flop: ($28) J, 5, 6 (3 players)  
CP bets $10, RETARD raises to $20, alex folds, CP raises to $30, RETARD raises to $200, CP calls $200
Turn: ($428) Q (2 players) CP raises to $96.29 (All-In), RETARD calls $96.29  
River: ($620.58) A (2 players, 1 all-in) Total pot: $620.58 


RETARD shows A4 and wins the pot....
CP shows J T

 graph is from yesterday, so much value but I just couldn't hit any flops..and I lost all sets:(

Oct 8, 2010

Bahamas (CPA) 4th year in a row?

Been to the Bahamas and the CPA three times now, first two was awesome and the third time the weather was really weird...17 degrees C (65F I think) and it rained every day.

Oct 7, 2010

session cliffs

peak ~400 bb, fish went pro with a5o vs my qq and that was it, time to shut down!

Oct 6, 2010

80 Here I Come!

Well..let's hope I can keep up. I want to. Please? I need motivation and some rungood. One time?

and as usual, the blogger upload crap tool is not working.

Oct 4, 2010

Oct 3, 2010


Yap. That's what I've beein doing. And working on that 80 buyin jinx, not there yet :(
The day before yesterday went pretty meh. There were soooo many retards but I just couldn't hit a flop and nothing held. Ended up -250 bb.

Today went a bit better, +125 bb 

Kitty is eating cords now. That's no good. I must punish him.

And oh, I changed my pw on the retarded site. Yay.

Oct 1, 2010

Break the bankroll - the magic number...

It's so weird, I've always had this thing when I come close to 80 buyins (I always try to keep at least 100 buyins online -you never know what'll happen), I just can't get over it. I start losing. Maybe I'm jinxing myself.
Well, tonight I'm hitting 81. :P

Forgot to put show winnings in "bb" instead of "currency" ..damn you new pt3.
But it made the yellow line look funny:) ..first time in I don't know how long that I'm "running good" ..pah.
80/30 vpip/pfr fish left with 10+ buyins yesterday. It's so unfair. :)