May 20, 2011

My fav word in the whole world + an owl

My fav word in English is ............hobo! :D

Here's an owl ....or something. I love it:

May 10, 2011

Lost my mojo / motivation ....again ... :(

Ohh how I miss u little poker mojo. Please find ur way back to my heart again:)
Or does this mean I have to go to London for 3 weeks and drink a hell lot of jäger to find you?

Right now it feels like's always the same. I've played milllllions of hands. Flop cbet, fold. Turn c/r, fold to allin. Fold. Fold. Fold. Lose AA vs AK. Same regs. One new fish. Hungry regs. Fish bust, everyone leaves/sits out. Rakeback. Fold. 4bet with 89s, fold to ai. Fold. Robot play. Auto pilot. Try to bluff an idiot, didn't work. Roll eyes. Fold. Flop a set, feel fuzzy and happy inside, fish open folds. FFFFUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!

Just noticed that you can't donate $ to Japan on Stars anymore. Weak. Now what?

May 7, 2011

A post about ME and my hair! :P (lots of pics)

Well boo's, wtf should I do to my hair?

Imo this (1st pic) is my fav, don't know why the hell I changed it. Ok I do, but it was a retarded decision! Now, help me:) No mean/retarded comments, khxbai!

May 5, 2011

Grind !

Finally put in some volume:) (other than the hit n run the other day,hehe)
won about 550bb, felt good :p
one tilting hand tho... :

mongoloid playing 100/12 (yes, 100) and whole table limped on fr (I play fr if it has massive mongoloids playing) and I limped with my T7s and flop comes 689 ,mongoloid leads pot, reg calls, I reraise like x5 and mongo calls, reg calls too, turn: Q , mongo allin, reg allin too (reg had  ~~200bb and I had more) and I cry fold :(
mongo 67 grinder JT. rigged. would've been nice to win that one too. wääääääääääääää!!!

ohwell. can't win them all:)

one of my finest drawings..