Jul 31, 2010

on my way to norrköping:)

I'm actually on the train now...first time I've tried to surf on a train. times like these I wish I had a cute little laptop instead of my fat 2,7 kg, 17" grind laptop...maybe I should try to get one. but I want an iphone too..and that's like a small laptop. hm. dilemma.

I think I "have" to play the vip freerolls on 888 tonight, they are great value..esp the one for VIP status...I think I'll be at Anna around 8 and the tournaments start at 9 I think. we'll see. :)

weather sucks in Sweden now..glad I booked that trip to Spain. will be fun. but I don't think I'll bring my laptop and then I'll have no readers left when I get back..boho :p

Jul 30, 2010

I stabbed myself. God I suck!!!!

Stabbed myself in the hand with a knife, not sure if I should go have it looked at since it almost went straight through..between the thumb and the index finger. Disgusting. Good thing it's my left hand.

No poker today because I suck


Jul 29, 2010

Swings? WHAT!!

Giving up now.
Played a few tournies, busted with the best hand in all (80-20 kthx) *whine*
biggest cash was like $30, yay..

Cg was disgusting, could never win as a huge fav when I was all in.......*cry*
Dunno if I'm up or down for tonight actually. Doesn't matter. I'm going to be happy now. :)

Almost read the whole chapter about 5cd now (I know, I'm slow..I should totally start smoking again -I read a lot when I was a smoker..anyway), it's sooo retarded and I MUST PLAY IT ! :D Maybe even some 7 card stud, I suck at that too. I must be the fish that everyone chases in those games. Loves it.

cg on boss, mtts on b2b, ipoker, ftp, stars.../kill

Jul 28, 2010

session cliffs

pretty boring session..dunno. lost one buy in on ftp too but rush poker settings are gheeey so no graph :P

can't find the motivation to play awesome today :(
think I'll work on my project and see where it takes me :)
play some tournaments and maybe a table of 5cd.
can't really find peace either since I still have no idea wtf to do ,like, where to play for real.  

Jul 27, 2010

I need a new hobby

..this is what I've been doing tonight..
funny city names!
my top picks are:
14. Dead Chinaman (Papua New Guinea)
1. Fucking (Austria)
11.Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch (Wales) <--- not sure wtf this is :p

19. Poopoo (Hawaii)
Top50 list <--- not as funny as one might think but sure kept me and Anna going.
Ok. Yes. I suck.
Tomorrow: grind.
Weekend: Anna?

Lately my sessions has been really strange, lost most all ins (as a big favourite, of course) vs random crap hands ...and I've made most money calling bluffs. Not the way it should be.(?)
But would be awesome to make 12 buy ins on average each night. Run like god. One time? For a month or two? Please?
(I'm the banana this time! mwahaha!)

Bye bye Party Poker ! Where to?

Cashed out last night after clearing my bonus. Now I have no idea where to put my roll.
[ ] ipoker - NEVER
[ ] ongame - just cashed out after hearing about their new scam system (wtf!!!!)
[ ] microgaming ...uhm...we have a history. We do not like each other.
[ ] stars - no? No soft games.. (?). I'm a pro bum hunter. :D
[ ] cake - 99,9% nits - no
[ ] boss - might do if I can find another skin that'll match my current deal (65%) good enough...meaning: at least 60.
[x] b2b? yes? Have to look into this.
[x] FTP? I have a small roll there for rush poker donkaments only.
[ ] carbon..or whatever it's called  - no ?!
Betfair is becoming ongame in a few days so that's a no go either..even though I probably wouldn't play there since their client is pretty much a mess..and has been for as long as I can remember.
And oh, I have to do something with my project, going pro with my small rolls on various sites (888, ipoker, everlaf etc) .....I must get to it! I haven't tried 888s new client either, I hear it's much better..? :)

What about Everest ..? Think I have to at least download the client and have a look. Yes?

Now: coffee and this (pic) :)

Jul 26, 2010

Session cliffs

I managed to turn my - into a + ..up one whole buy in :P
and 1½ on party, thought I had cleared my bonus but I'm 20 pts away.
I really wanna do this tonight so I'm gonna eat and go pro, wont take long.
Wish me luck :)

No graph today since I dunno how to fix that. Played ~2k hands after midnight last night so it's f-ed up. :(

It's unlucky to be superstitious?

Down 200 bb atm but up 250 on party (where I'm playing PLO atm).
I've started doing this thing where I quit my tables and log out and back in again if it's "rigged" (you know what I mean)..

I did this after ~1000 hands yesterday and won 12 bi. Hope I can pull this off today too, that would be awesome:)

...first hand KK... ;)

..but no action. Boo. But I seem to have a retard who open raises 10 bb when he raises. Might be fun.. :)
Report in a few hours, I'm gonna clear my party poker bonus today.

5 card draw and Spain in 36 days!

Yay!!! Going to Mallorca with my best friend (Anna) and we're gonna visit our other best friend (Nilla)! :D We're gonna have sooo much fun..
Going to visit Anna in Norrköping again in a few days too..too bad the weather is bad now, it's always bad weather when I visit her (ffs!).

I've wanted to learn a "weird" game for a long time now and I decied that 5 card draw might be a good candidate (how hard can it be?!) ..started reading about triple draw  (or something like that?) in SS2 (super system) yesterday, will read about 5cd in SS1 tonight.

Last nights session was so lame. Nothing happened except for a VERY strange player, played 90/80/50 3bet I think, he left with 5-6 bi. I was all in like 5 times (AA vs K2, AA vs Q6, JJ vs 89, QQ vs KT and KK vs 82)  and lost 4 and still managed to win 1200 bb, seriously..what's up with that?

Lame hand 1 vs retard

Dealt to alex [Ad Ah]
EL_RETARD raises 4
mongo folds
mongo1 folds
alex raises 18 <--- he's a retard, gimme teh monies
EL_RETARD calls 18
*** FLOP *** [Kd 6s 5s]
alex bets 33 <-- he's a retard
EL_RETARD goes all-in with 227 <-- YESSSSSSSS!! (he's a retard)
alex goes all-in with 88
*** TURN *** [Kd 6s 5s] [Kc]
*** RIVER *** [Kd 6s 5s Kc] [Qd]

EL_RETARD showed [Kh 2h]

retard 2 (yay)
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to alex [Qd Qc]
MONGO calls 1
2 calls 1
alex raises 6
3 folds
4 folds
MONGO raises 11 <-- min reraising (and limping UTG) is probably not good for me but w/e, 200 bb deep.
2 folds
alex calls 11
*** FLOP *** [Qh Tc Ks]
MONGO bets 42 <--- over betting pot, wtf
alex calls 42
*** TURN *** [Qh Tc Ks] [4c]MONGO checks
alex goes all-in with 156 <-- I think he'll call with AA
MONGO calls 156
*** RIVER *** [Qh Tc Ks 4c] [Ah]
*** SUMMARY ***

MONGO showed [Kc Ts] <---- WTF
...I didn't like that river. At all. Phew.

Jul 25, 2010

session cliffs

12 buy ins up today...yay.

last night I played PLO,won 3 bi and lost 5 bi in nlhe :/ määh.

Jul 23, 2010

Hardcore grind tomorrow!

Tonight: beer w/ old friend (: love.

Tomorrow: win lots of money! going to Spain (Mallorca) to visit a friend in Aug so I'm going to need it ;)

Jul 22, 2010

Session cliffs

No fun :P
Won 2 (!!!) AA all in flop and yellow line thinks I was the underdog, pffff, 80-20 on flop (to me!).
I hate you yellow line.

Not much happened on svs either, I won some weird (smaller) pots like retard min-reraises on river when he rivered 2 pair on QJT95 with Q9, flush also got there ......is he bluffing or value raising here? :D No, he didn't win..haha

150 bb up

200 bb up

oh, I'm making enchiladas for dinner ..mm..cheesy..mm...

Jul 21, 2010

Session cliffs

I'm seriously considering cashing out from party poker already, havn't won a single 80-20 aip, fu fu fuuuuu!!  I got one split with AA vs AA even though he flopped a flushdraw, prolly would've cashed out right then and there if he'd hit ...hahaha...:D
Gonna clear my bonus and if it's still retarded after that it's bye bye pp! Dunno where do put my $ after that though. B2b? Try to go pro on rush?

Played 2 sessions and I'm -40 bb on pp and +78bb on svs.

PP hand history is on another computer so fuck that, no fun anyway : P like - a million buy ins below expected in all ins. Think I'll clear the bonus in 3-4 days.

The project, yea, took like an hour to get into tables at ipoker (wtf) and I remembered why I hate 888 so much (crappy client, retarded 'random generator' etc), I'm up like a dollar on that :P wee. Maybe another time.
And it's so friggin' hot inside, it's like 29 degrees Celsius (84F). And the humidity ...ahhhh........./kill

New project

..until I can play my normal game/stakes.
I have $75 (freeroll money) on ipoker, $40 (freeroll money) on 888, $10 (no idea) on minted poker (don't know which network this is except a sucky one) and $5 on cake.
Go go go :)

On a another note, I thought I was the crazy cat lady (in training ofc, not there yet, I only have 2!).
This one had 191!!! Swedish family lived with 191 cats ..awesome. Not.

Now: coffee (it's 9.10 am here) and frontierville! Mwhaha :)
Later: project day 1? Hope I don't lose everything on day 1;)

Jul 20, 2010


..ok, I've gotten several "not so nice" comments about "X" in Vegas, I don't want this to be like kindergarten (we're all adults here?) and the post is in draft. No more mean comments about her, ok people? I don't want to moderate comments. I only delete spam comments with..questionable links :p

Think I'm going out this weekend..which probably is a shame since it's the best time evaaar to play on the Swedish site (svs) and I've actually never played on any yet! :( I'd love to try rush poker during peak hour too, gah..damn you jetlag.
But friends before work so. We'll see how tired I am after that.
Been reading some in the goals&challenges forum on 2+2 and it's really inspiring and motivating.
I should probably continue reading my PLO book but eh..its'..boring.. but I'm sure it won't be long before the bots crush (full stack) nlhe cg..

Ongames new scam?

Cashed out quickly when I heard about their new "system"..
Basically it's like ipokers, if you're "good" (no idea how they'll calculate this) you'll receive less rake from the pot (less rakeback). There is no way to track your rake. If you play what they consider to be a "whale" (no idea wtf this is), mr whale will receive 100% of the rake. Who knows how many "real" whales you'll actually play vs? That's right, only ongame!
Fu ongame, never coming back now!

Havn't played much lately, mostly because of me waking up at 4-5-6 am everyday and I'm almost dead when the tables start popping up. Oh well. A bit longer vacation never hurt anyone (only my bank# booho).

hi there ladies!

Jul 19, 2010

The Chinese sweatshop (colluders) at Stars

When I first read the OP 2 months ago on 2+2 I just thought "who the hell is this stupid?" ..uhhh, yea, seriously. Like walk in to the police station after you just robbed a bank and say "oh I saw there was a bank robbery...?" and the cops would be like "heey..wait a minute, you look familiar...."

Link to 2+2

Apparantly they (Stars) have refunded $587 000 to some (not all) affected players. However, they could only save $84k from the Chinese cheaters. Well done Stars but it's not like you can't afford it.. but kudos for taking actions, not like ipoker or microgaming who just ignores your e-mails (me and many others have sent soooo many e-mails regarding bots).

Here's a really long post about the retarded Chinese players Link.

Jul 18, 2010

Yay, I won a dollar

In some weird card lottery at PP. It kinda makes me wanna play more. Ohh free cards. Ohh points..ohhhh !! :P I get obsessed with things. I actually played a lot on cake when they had some "5x more gold cards -something-promo" ..just to get the stupid cards. And what did I do with the cards? Oh, nothing..they're just sitting there, waiting.
Also noticed that I had put myself on the waitinglist for 20bb max tables (on party), wtf is this and who the hell wants this?
Almost no tables running this early either so I dunno what to do today, it's 8.50 am and I woke up at 6..went to bed at midnight. As usual, I can only sleep for 6 straight............buhuhuhu.

Tried some pilates again, must've been like 2 months since I last did it. I suck.

I have $40 on pacific poker..wondering if I should play slots or short stack..my account is so rigged though so I'm not sure wether it's +ev or -ev to play poker... :D

now: coffee and frontierville (as I said, I get obsessed with things..).

Jul 17, 2010

Session cliffs (lol :( )

Haha...had to give it a try. My brain is probably not back to normal yet though :P felt like a cotton ball.

boss: +17 bb (weee!!!)

Party (hahahahaha!!!!!) +2 bb
Dunno if all in ev is working? I got it in with AK vs 99 on 78K and it thinks I was the underdog? wtf

Jul 16, 2010

Party poker?

Just cashed in on party :) let's see how this goes, I've never played on PP during my 6 years of playing poker ..wee! Might suck with 6max tables though but w/e, I'll try to make the best of it.
Wish I had a cooler nickname though.. :( But I think you can change it somewhere, right?

..now: coffee + drgiggy

Jul 15, 2010

Ignorance is bliss?

I saw a lot of scientology commercials on tv when I was in the states. This freaked me out so much. I have little to no understanding why people want to be in cults/religions ..or why they think homosexuality is a disease etc. I could go on forever. But my point is, does this make me ignorant?
I can understand that they want to believe in something "bigger" but yea, pretty much it. Hate on people who aren't in your religion/cult and is gay or have teh buttsecks outside of marriage, seriously, wtf? But whatever.
Scientology is creepy as hell and there'll be lots of idiots who attracts other idiots and it will go on forever I guess.

I'm gonna watch this video on bluefire now "Niman plays an entire session without reraising preflop!" sounds interesting :)
I know there was a guy at ipoker playing 5/10 or 10/20 who never open raised and he seemed to be a winning player (according to his stats). 

And the question of today is: why am I not still in Vegas? :(

Jul 13, 2010

I need a fan

Impossible to grind with this weather! Need to buy one asap. Laptop is like 130 degrees :S
Think I might check out bluefire and see if <3 drgiggy has made something awesome instead.

Started thinking about my old little friend who's in heaven now when we heard "his" song playing in a store in Vegas.
Yes, I am lame. :) But I miss him, always.

And oh yea...I'm missing about $200. Only money and I guess someone else needed them more.

Jetlag baby!

Flight was ok, I slept like 6 hours of 12 :)
Landed around 7.30 and I'm like dead now, it's almost noon. Guess I won't be playing much these days unless I wake up like 10 pm -ish.
Maybe I should've tried live cg in Vegas? ..ah well..there's always next year:)
And I think Malin would've felt left out if we all played (she's not much of a grinder/gamer/gambler).

Sounds like boss has some new weird system similar to ipoker with penalties / rb deductions ...have to look into this even though it's very unlikely that I'll be back ..has anyone else heard this ?!

GG me, I should go to bed now. Should.
Life is short, have fun. And it's too short to be unhappy!

Jul 11, 2010

Last night in Vegas :)

Bought some stuff at miracle miles something earlier and then went for a walk through New York New York, Excalibur and Luxor ..pretty fun. Had a late dinner at Shibuya (something like that?) and it was ok, expensive but yea..:)

Flight leaves at 9 am so we have to go to bed now..or stay up all night, we havn't decided yet! And the flight is going to be interesting :)

The weather has been pretty "bad" the last 2 or 3 days, really cloudy. Like wtf, clouds in Vegas?!

I think it's going to be fun to get back home and "back to work", missed it a little. Think I have to decide where I should put most of my roll..not sure if ongame is the place for me, no waiting list is kind of a deal breaker for me..dilemma!
Sam finished 10th in his HORSE tournament, 87 entries I think. Not bad..but the structure was lame.

Gonna pack now and decide if it's sheep machine time or sleep time.
I have a miiiiiiillion pictures too to sort. 0) mihihi!

Yesterday in pics

Chatroulette review .... :D hahaha

some kewl guys ! we got invited to something by a gay guy and I have no clue why we're not there today! :'(

o hai ! maybe this means we slept together? all three? ;)

Jul 10, 2010

2 days left =)

Malin and I drank beer and played chatroulette yesterday and that was pretty creepy :P
We went to Vanity after that and it was pretty bad... got invited to an after party in the taxi line by a boy and girl who should've been on Jersey Shore..haha. We accepted the invitation since they had a suite at tower 2 in mgm signature. Like 15 people right from Jersey Shore (pumped, spikey black hair, tattoos and all girls looked like Sami) and there was a big one who we called "the situation" ..haha! His "thing" was something with nipples. Lots of nipples. "Combine the nipples" ....weird stuff.
We left when they started doing coke. Ish..I don't approve of that. Must've been poor since they used 1 dollar bills ..... ;)

Gonna go see the O show tonight, I wonder how weird that'll be :)

Jul 8, 2010

OMG OMG OMG Obama is here!

Ok, not omg more like wtf, traffic was teh retarded......took like 30 mins to get from MGM signature to Bellagio... ahhaa..it's like 5 min max with normal traffic. Lots of people with signs saying "not nice" things to mr Obama..I wonder where he's staying?

I'm not sure but I think I heard some people saying that Snooki was at the same club as us ...and when I got pushed into the bar, squeezing some people there was this really short chubby girl staring at me like "u wanna go?" and I just said "sorry" and turned around. Almost expected her to pull my hair from behind or something but I guess she was too short to reach it (I'm 5'11" :P)

Party tomorrow (guys are playing poker, girls are drinking, weeh), O show Sat, fancy dinner Sun and Bye bye Vegas, see you next year (?) !

Tuesday in pics, Malins pov

Guess someone doesn't want to be in the pictures today either so white box it is.. :P  but it's pretty hard to do with a touchpad!
this one is a few days old but please notice the guy in the background :D

more later

Vegas day 10

Malin and Sam was in bed, passed out all day...haha...!!! Went to Palms and had dinner and down town after that, pretty keeewl. Sam is playing a $200 horse tournament tomorrow at ...Binions I think. We'll see how that goes, I don't even know the rules to half of those games. :D

Today I'm not sure...think we might go see a show or something lame. :)