Dec 11, 2012

a very sad day.

my best friends little brother passed away earlier today, 18 years old. rest in peace, my dear.
dunno if I'll be updating for a while.


Best network for ug nl?

Hai guise, need ur help. One of my friends wants to grind all his xmas holiday, think he'll be starting at like 5NL to move up to 10 oc 20 NL after he's gotten "into" it. Which network has the softest games? I'm thinking PKR? I'm at Party right now and I don't think it's that I sort of hate the software.
Any ideas? =) Or is it pretty much the same everywhere?

Dec 10, 2012

Yay, finally unstuck

...or something. Last two sessions have been pretty awful, you know when you never hit a flop, never get a set, miss all your mega draws? And if you ever do hit something nice, they hit nicer, or outdraw you..well that's gone now, so, HA! Up 350bb today. =)

Got a couple of days off work now, so I'm gonna grind for a bit. Weather here in Sweden is pretty shitty, cold as fuck and looots and lots of snow. I really wanna go on a holiday soon. :(

X-mas Alex y'all!
(because beards are too mainstream...)

Dec 6, 2012

Party poker!

Yep. Deposited a few days ago (since I'm boycotting Betsafe and Ongame). Not sure if it's as rigged as it used to be. Yet. What do you guys think? Only thing I have to complain about right now is the lack of "table vpip" in the lobby..grr.

Here's one of the funiest pics I've seen all year. Seriously, I can't stop laughing.

Dec 4, 2012

Phil Galfond (I love you)

..if you ever get tired of those super models with (possibly) fake boob sand would settle for a laidback and non high maintenance swedish chick, please let me know. you are super hot.

jäger on me obv!

Dec 2, 2012


just finished a loong session, ended up about 650bb up. still can't get that "omg gotta check how I'm doing" out of my head tho. I need someone to slap me if I try to bring pt3 up. :P

had a strange 55+/30/7 fish call me a fish today, was sort of fun. he really wanted to bust me..haha. didn't really succeed tho. he said "do you not have a life?!" (he'd been at the table longer than I had) and after a while he kept whining "omg the fish isn't playing any hands! omg!"
excuse me sir, wth do you think "fish" means?
or possibly the best level of all time?

had a really fun weekend for once, thanks guys. needed it.

one of the best songs in da wooorld. :)
no pics of nilla. this time. :P haha.