Feb 23, 2011

HAHA!!!!! session cliffs

got so fking pwned the first session, -550bb, aip on two tables at the same time with KK vs A2 and A8, not cool mr rigg!


Funny story, lots of people google "pokertracker sucks" and find my blog. 
Booked my London flight yesterday, 3/3 ! WOHO!


Feb 22, 2011

Session cliffs

This shit s slow nowadays, +124bb, took forever. Dug a nice little hole in the beginning (seems like I do this every time?) ..lost my big hands to crap hands bla bla whine.

Should really try to set some goals..like x hands / week. uhh. Have to think about it.

About to book my trip to London btw, will be so much fun.
Love my babe so much!!

London 2006:)

Feb 19, 2011

session cliffs

started out soo awesome, losing 3 sets vs retard hands in 2 minutes, all in ldo.
1200 hands, 48bb+ 2bb/100.
waste of time again.
depositing at pkr tomorrow :)

Feb 17, 2011


Standard rakeback deal at ongame is probably around 50-55, with good connections 65%.
HOWEVER, their new "system", essence, makes it almost impossible to get "what was promised", if you are a winning player.

Noone really knows how it's calculated, totally random, but keep in mind that if you are promised 50% rakeback, you will proably not receive more than 25% if you make ..say, 3bb/100...(at best)..

and the games there are not better than anywhere else so why the hell would you play there?

from twoplustwo forums:

"Essence is garbage. I think I calculated that I was getting about 12% ****back, no where near the 40%."
"same hear. pretty much a joke."

"In this month my rake at my aff is a little bit below 50% (!!!) than the rake what hem shows."

"before essence my rb was extremely close to what HEM said it should be."

"this f..ing essence is more and more tilting me. for the last period I get less than half of the rake that I should. I am not a big grinder, I only play approx. 25k hands/month at nl400, but even like this it means that the rakeback that I will be losing during a year will be something like 15-17k$, wtf ongame."

"I have left Ongame because of two reasons:
1) instead of 55% rb i got 30% eff
2) before essence I was 6bb/100 winner, after essence I was -5bb/100 loser. My game did not change and the sample on both pre and post was 50k+ hands.

Imo, essence is more than rake calculation, Is also something else that should force regs to leave.

I`ve left. Good job Ongame."

(100 posts/page ldo)

april 2011 about essence - link here
"the ongame guys suck ass for not communicating how it works. there were a few threads that tried to figure out the system but they didn't go very far. basically its just random. if you win you get less. if you win a lot you get a lot less."

to all the finnish players coming from pokerisivut.com: this is not MY thoughts (see the " "?, this means I'm quoting other players who have tracked their rake through pt3/hem), read the ongame/essence thread on 2+2 yourself here (search->essence). hundreds of players have received much less than promised. hf at ongame! :) xoxo!

Feb 13, 2011

Feb 12, 2011

888 poker again =)

I really hope 888 has the "88 ways to Vegas" promo this year too, and esp a raked hands rake race ...so easy to beat (if you play the first race - when no cheating germans play) ..but I have no clue of who I'd go with this year ..but would love to see Vegas again. Probably the sickest place on earth.

888 actually is a good poker room, but I feel that I need a reason to deposit there again (like a rake race).
Maybe one of the best rooms to play poker online now that ongame is retarded with the rakeback (essence) and all that.
I think a lot of aussies play texas holdem there ..my plo project is resting atm :)
..so I'm not really sure when they have they peak hours? But I'm sure I'll crush it when it's race time. Love the hot keys too, why does not all poker rooms have this option? It's AWESOME!!!

Old ongame had my fav playing cards, now it's probably pacific poker .. :)

Hand question

live tournament
I have J2o in the big blind , I have 2bb (= 1 behind), cut off  open limps, sb completes and I ...check
flop comes 456 and sb shoves for 200% pot ..I can fold here? Yes, no?

sb had K4 and CO almost snap called with K2 (!) and won .....

Feb 10, 2011


my fav

going to some bum place tonight, what else..when ur in the middle of nowhere:)

Feb 9, 2011


fav player:

would u go gay for Baron Davis?

..still no pokerz, haven't pwned guitar hero yet. might be the most annoying one so far, think it's the 6th one

fav song on it:

Feb 7, 2011

Feb 6, 2011

last nights grind

ended up 680bb up,not bad at all..
wish all grind days ended like this:)

I wonder if it's time to go back to school?

Feb 5, 2011

Feb 4, 2011

PKR? How are the games?

Anyone? :) Soft? Lots of grinders?

thinking about depositing there again, even though I usually can't stand that client for more than like 1 month ..but it might be fun, always makes me laugh when I look at how ugly my avatar is.

I'm pretty sure my rakeback account is still valid, would be great if someone could confirm/deny this.

Grind? and pics:)

Thinking about it:) Not sure where I should put my FTP manies, but we'll see. Just saw that the essence thing on ongame, regarding ur rakeback, only gives you about 25-30% if ur a winning player ....makes me wanna stay away from them even more (ya'll know that they've 'stolen' $$ from me before, right?).

Made me laugh:

Ft. Lauderdale - awesome

                                      ahi tuna in bed:) my fav food (since I don't eat red meat)
                                         on the boat..
free drinks are not always awesome

Feb 3, 2011

JETLAG!! home:)

Slept for like 24 hrs.
It's after midnight and it feels like morning :(

Had an awesome trip..Miami is great. :) was really looking forward to eating an authentic mexican taco in Mexico, but it was kinda nasty actaully..
Was really fun to go on a basketball game too, even though it was one of the worst games this season..oh well! Hopefully I get to go on another one.

E: no idea why u keep visiting my blog since ur still bitter about things in the past, I'm never on urs (why would I?). I just want it to be "neutral", not awkward. Life is too short to be bitter and u shouldn't be looking for other people to fix that, only u can do that. Ur insane for believing you're worth the two worthless scumbags who treats you like shit...ur worth so much more than that, hope you realize that soon.

And yeah, I can see everyone who visits my blog:) teehe.

Hope everyone had a great time, I'm really looking forward to grinding again, wooho!
Might have to set some goals...hmm..

Man or female? Seriously? I thought it was such a weird ad..this does not
make me wanna buy that jacket or w/e. NO.

Will post more soon! :)