Jan 29, 2011

Back in Miami!

About to head out and investigate the pool/beach etc, it's 11 am and I got up before 6..woot! had to leave the ship at 7 :p

3 days left in miami! good and bad:)

Jan 26, 2011

Mexico today, live grind tomorrow :)

$0.68 per minute:) awesome internet. so slow. laptop broke too haha. I knew mini pcs was shit.

gonna play a tournament tomorrow, might be fun :) or not..ladies freeroll;)
having a blast, the weather is pretty awesome(even though it rained today in Costa Maya) ...going snorkeling tomorow morning, some kind of marine sanctuary or w/e, will be awesome, I love snorkeling ...as long as there are no sucking fish (dunno what theyre called, nasty bastards).

will post pics when I get home:) be patient. haven't taken that many though.

Jan 21, 2011


earliest beer ever:) 5.20 am

Stocked up on motion sickness pills today :p went to  Target. When they asked us what we wanted to buy we blanked, like wtf, we go there to tourist and look at weird things :P we don't have awesome department stores in Sweden:)

Dunno if I'll be able to update anything during the cruise since the internet is uber expensive, we'll se.

I've taken some pics but not sure if I forgot the camera - laptop cord thingy ..but I have to re pack my suitcase since it's totally broken now. Didn't see it till we got to the hotel, but it's all messed up..so I had to buy a new one today. Sucks to pack....again..
and I really liked my pink suitcase.


Jan 19, 2011

I'm in Miami, bitch

Just wanted to say that. No sign of any lizards yet, we'll see about that..going for a short walk in a while, have to stay awake..it's 5 pm or something and it's way too early to go to bed  :(

ughhh...jetlag is gay.
and oh yea, it's really hot today :)

Jan 11, 2011

Eat pussy!

A friend said I had to watch some Julia Roberts movie (eat love pray something) so I was going to hm..rent it, or at least investigate it some more..she also thinks I should watch a Focker movie so I'm not trusting her too much when it comes to film tips.
....And as you type the site gives you hits, kinda like google ("did you mean ...?").
So, there you have it, it thinks I should become better at performing oral sex. Better start practicing more..

click it.

As for poker goes, I'm still running "bad"...played a short session and won ~250bb in about an hour and I quit when the biggest fish left. Felt nice to book a "big" win (250bb is big when u've been breaking even for daaays).

Jan 9, 2011

session cliffs + my brown hair.

uhhh..didn't make itm in any tournament :P ..dunno if I should be mad or happy that I busted vs 2 outs in all tournaments but one (three outs). mwahh!!!
why does stars hate me so much? =(

cg was incredibly slow, didn't get any hands/didn't hit the board at all..bla bla.
the best part was that I got JJ 27 times and lost all (that got a flop) but one where we split the pot .. um..yea. I hate JJ but at least give me ONE!?!? I actually had JJ on four tables at the same time, and yep, I lost them all. :P so, cliffs: JJ SUCKS.

rush on the other hand, was not rigged at all, won 5 bi pretty fast. normal cg up 32 bb ..yay. I'm guessing bb/100 was like 0.2...hehe.

my "new" hair. be kind. I look the same in all pics bc I'm the one taking them:)
the flash doesn't do it justice,though.

what's ur win% with JJ ? :)

Sunday Night Grind

Pokertracker still isn't working. Yay.
Fu PT3.

I've played some pokerz, tripled up the first hand with Aces, haha. Should've just quit right there, didn't really happen anything else for the next 2 hours. Won another buy in but that's it.:)
Last nights session went a bit worse, lost about 190 bb's.

Gonna try to play some tournaments tonight (even though Stars is very rigged, wish me GL), got lots of tournament dollars to use.

Hope everyone had a great Xmas and NYE:)

New years res...hmm..haven't really made any.
Win a tournament! :)

Jan 4, 2011

Hello New Grind Year! =)

Played my first session yesterday and it went ..uh...below expected! First session I lost ~300bb, KK vs AQ aip, AA vs K9 aip and a flopped set lost to a higher river set (of course). Enough about that..
Session 2, won 250 bb and session 3 about 60 so, pretty much break even. Guess I shouldn't complain, considering I didn't start the year by losing a bunch of manies.. :)

Won 3 buyins at FTP too, but it's microstakes so it doesn't really count. Almost cleared my bonus now, it's at 90% or so.
Happy I made it:)

Now: Grind.
And by grind I mean frontierville grind on facebook, I'm way too tired for poker..only slept 4½ hrs tonight, wähh.

About 2 weeks left and then

 The 24 hour (?) trip doesn't even seem that bad right now! ...take me to the sun..