May 31, 2010

how is this not funny?


evil ape. notable: chewed on zoo keepers foot/fingers. don't know if she tried to steal blanket.

laugh damnit, laugh!

poker: gonna figure out if I can get more rb on party. might check out pkr...but I can only deposit $800 there since I'm lazy and haven't upgraded my deposit limit/week. maybe micro stakes is fun? yea. ok. waiting for last rb to come (tomorrow) and then I'll gtfo. without my last 20% I guess. so fucking lame....will lose money just by withdrawing too and that is bajskorv.. or turd in english. (:

May 30, 2010

m&m coconut ..woot

I love you m&m. We don't have them in Sweden so I'm gonna stock up as hell when I go to Vegas in a month, hahaha... :D Best. Ever.
I want to marry it and have beautiful little babies. That's how much I love it!

India 2007 :)

Pretty awesome trip.. :) think it was a APPT or something there. I played live for the first time there.. :) A $100 sng I think..and there were 4 russians who (99%) colluded. The dealer didn't say anything because I think she wanted to do dirrrrty things to one of them. Ew. She was ugly as hell. She did not get lucky that night (pretty sure). :) And I didn't finish itm ..A4s vs Q8 with 2s 3s 8x on flop :(

me, last day at the beach. u like? :)

May 29, 2010

Change of plans!

I was going to play the vip (ya, I'm vip, yey!) freerolls on 888 tonight but I'm just so crazy tired..slept 2,5hrs tonight. Me and Anna watched the dog whisperer til...3 am. Watched a scene like 20 times, hilarious.. :)

Not feeling too well either..and I think my arm is getting worse? What do you think? Big pic = 2 days ago, small pic = ~1 hr ago. :(
 Revived my old hdd too but I didn't find too many exciting things..only a few. I'll show you tomorrow or something ..

And I'm almost sure I'm missing rb. Again. This is pissing me off too it doesn't matter if it's 30 euros or 3000..............Fool me once, shame on me..fool me twice ...

also I have a new goal for 2010! Win another tournament:) 200+ players. Yes. Ship, ship ! It's going to happen. Oh yes it is..

kinder review! :D

ok so, I've been looking like everywhere for the new kinder crap candy. today I found them.

I WILL NOT BUY THIS CRAP AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the pingui something wasn't so bad. but it wasn't awesome. at all. I'm depressed now.

and I have to go throw up now.
oh yea, I'm home. wee!
and also: feel free to draw dicks on my face. win!1!11

May 28, 2010

back home tomorrow!

sick of everything right now........ not looking forward to waking up at 6.30 am tomorrow :p
anna is not up yet so i'm pretty bored. the kid played too nice today it made me suspicious. he played his retarded games on the laptop and hiding a bag of candy under a blanket. wp sir, wp. however, i'm not sure a score of -63 is "YES!!!!!"

meh. have my rb to look forward to. i should totally buy beer. lots and lots of beer.

May 27, 2010


so tireeeeeeeeed........he started to play with a toy that sounds like an alarm at 7.30 am...he hasn't stopped yet (11.30) he's naked, the dog is suicidal and I'm thinking about going home :P's nice here. but different.
strangest thing is that I went to bed with the grey cat (Sune) on my arm but when I woke up I had the black cat (Milo) there.

so I was hungry last night so we went to 7eleven..and then I found the playground....he ...he...he... :D

weeeeeee :p

May 26, 2010

far from home

alone with the kid again.


never having kids. ever. :p
I have to sleep in the kids room and he has all his million toys in there so he spent a good 2 hours or so in there playing around 8 am. Then he found the laptop and played retarded games with the sound on. And then he started to bake something.


it ain't pretty but me sleeping with the best cat ever. almost. love.

May 25, 2010

and now I'm in Söderköping ...

Sweet. I've missed my best friend so much. I hate that she lives this far from me.. :(

Starting to get a bit sceptical about plo. How the ' ' ' do you deal with the swings or "variance"? Play less tables? Start to enjoy surprise buttsecks every now and then? Hmm...

So apparantly I'm a dog/baby-sitter right now which is kinda ...out of my league. The kid is currently playing by himself in the room and the dog is pretty much climbing on the walls. Anna told me there are no batteries in the wii remotes. Which means I hate my life.

May 24, 2010

Im pretty much still hungover. Not cool.

Went to the zoo today, pretty neat. :) I miss poker. Weird. Will probably try to play some plo when I get home, looking forward to it.
Nice to see that I still have about 5 readers left..haha ;) Lots of love to you.

May 22, 2010

Party time.. ;)

Into the fog! Not sure if it's a good saying in English but it sure is in Swedish: IN I DIMMAN! :)
Budweiser is my friend. Margharitas made by n00bs are not. Man ,that shit was disgusting.

May 21, 2010

Vacation time

I'm going to Borås and then my friend Anna for a week. Will still update but there'll be no pokah. Hope you'll stay anyway.. :)


Goal: 5k hands. Won't kill myself if I only play 2,5k.
My arm is pretty much killing me, didn't hurt this much the last time, it's already blue and nasty.

As you can see I'm not quite ready for beach 2010 yet. Maybe next year?

Thinking of showing you my super balla grind setup..would be for fun since it's very retarded..

May 20, 2010

Drsnuggels ...

If you're reading this, this one is for you! :)

session cliffs!

Ya..didn't really feel like playing when I busted out of my 3 tournaments at the same time, all all in pre...AK vs QQ, A flop. AK vs 77 and 99 vs AK. FUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Won JJ vs flushdraw on QJ7 board and last hand I had a set vs rr flushdraw, lost minimum (way ahead of you there, buddy!). arm hurts as well, wanna take the bandage off but I "can't". And it's still numb, feels so weird..

O hai dere !

Changed the shiz was so gross. He couldn't get it out, it was like..stuck in my fat and flesh and stuff. Not cool. NOT COOL!!!! Ah well. I have a new one now so I can have teh secks without getting teh pregg0. I don't want kids. Ever. I'm weird like that.

Pokah today...yes..ehm..I can hear the little voice saying "oh you don't have to play today, you've been sooo good who went to the gyno by yourself and almost had ur arm ripped off. You deserve a lot of candy, too". I'm trying not to listen to it but I'm pretty borderline right now on which side's winning...hahaha. :) My main problem is ...fear. I'm afraid I'll lose money. Afraid of bad beats. Afraid of it all. I'm really working on this though. And I have 80+ buy ins so I won't go broke anytime soon...but it's always in the back of my head. Always.

Anyway: this is how sad I am right now:
Look how strong I am! or..ok fine I just have fat arms.

May 19, 2010

Post grind thoughts :P

Uh god my head hurts now .. :(
First ~10 hands - doubled up at one table with a straight vs retard.. Not much going on ....1k lose KK vs QQ all in flop or something like that.. ~1500 lose overpairs vs gutshotdraws all in turn (they both hit river... :((( ) and this was at the exact time too, so evil..~2000 lose KK vs QQ again. Arrr. ~2100 win 380 bb pot with bottom set, think he had top 2 or something. Mjeh..pretty much it. Was a bit unlucky but I consider it a decent session and this site might be pure gold.

am I believable? laptop is pink btw. love.

pre grind thoughts:

 me right now!

happy, excited, curious and.....need moarrrrr coffee. pretty much what I'm feeling right now :)
grind in an hour or so, will update later. yay!
will be very interesting to play at this site. with swedish crowns too instad of usd/eur ........weeeird...

I need dollars?

I think I do ! Gah..shouldn't be this high :P Not when I'm going to the states for some serious shopping! And I'd prefer it if it was lower when I cashed in so I won't lose money just because it drops....that was pretty much the daily scenario when I only had dollars online. Oh great, lost more just by sleeping.. :(

So a good friend mailed me a PLO book today, now I really have to go pro at PLO. No excuses anymore:) But I think I need a good rb site for that to be the most profitable option. You do rake a lot.

I will probably try micros at svs today and see how it feels. Hope they suck a lot. :)
Oh yea, checked out Breaking bad and that was pretty much awesome. Hello new Lost!

May 18, 2010

pull the trigger

couldn't sleep yesterday..and internet was down as well..probably a good thing because I probably would have posted something really lame and emo. but something is bothering me and I can't really figure it out. so it bothers me even more! until I figure out wth it is I'll be a bit distant....

got a letter from party poker today, this the sign I've been looking for? or is it because I started the client for the first time in  ~6 months..? ;) damned if I do, damned if I don't..right? I guess you could say I'm in between jobs right now..haha. maybe it's as simple as that. this (poker crap) is what's bothering me? is it?

well..tbh I'm a little afraid of playing..I ran increeeedibly bad at was insane. I know it was bad luck (graphs/stats don't lie ...) but still. afraid I'll do it again. and again....I guess it's possible. I lost 15 flips in a row and that doesn't happen every day ...courage. mehasit!  just need to find it again.