Nov 21, 2012


going to work in 10 min :( would much rather stay at home and just grind, thinking I'm starting to get ahold of it again..well about time. :P poker is fun again.
had a weird feeling earlier today, that I really reaaally need to go on a vacation somewhere nice and warm, since it's been so was in Greece in june/july. selective memory, anyone? damn u mind, y u do this to me? hah.
well I def need to go this gorgeous bird soon, though. miss u so so so much. oh is only two hours away. =)

Nov 20, 2012

he did exactly what I wanted him to.

I'll just start by saying, flatting ATo here is not standard play for me.

CO: $82.25

BTN: $109.79

SB: $33.91

Hero (BB): $98.29

UTG: $107.55

Pre Flop: ($0.75) Hero is BB with A of diamonds T of spades

1 fold, CO raises to $1.75, BTN calls $1.75, 1 fold, Hero calls $1.25

Flop: ($5.50) 3 of diamonds 9 of diamonds T of diamonds (3 players)

Hero bets $3.00, CO folds, BTN calls $3

Turn: ($11.50) 2 of diamonds (2 players)

Hero bets $4.00, BTN raises to $8.00, Hero calls $4

River: ($27.50) 9 of hearts (2 players)

Hero checks, BTN bets $13.75, Hero calls $13.75

Nov 19, 2012


so ongame has been awfully rigged lately...haha. finished this day with 500bb up. yay. =)
thinking about chaging the design on my blog...any ideas?

Nov 18, 2012

400th post coming up=)

what do you wanna see/read?
and no, not my tits.

st paddys day in london ..ahh..goooood times. =)

Nov 15, 2012

Thought I'd share some pics from Corfu :)

Me and bestie went there in June. Had an awesome time, even though we seemed to be the only non british people there (and there to lose our virginity - like anyone would've believed that? xD)

hard to resist, I know..

I got two new tattoos..and yes, u can totally see my knickers through my skirt. nice to notice about 3 months later, yes?

We are ridicilously bad at pool. But beer is nice.

Bar street..

one of the tats.

I'm at work right now so I'll add more pics in another post. :)

Last session went extremely well btw, about 600bb. Maybe I should start posting graphs and/or hands?

Nov 11, 2012

Betsafe truly are idiots. [Rant]

Yeah I'll leave out all the stealing money and withholding my rakeback ("sure", there is "no" rakeback on ongame [lol]), it's old and I've moved on (got my revenge already).

I've been on a pretty serious break from poker now (only playing 500-1000 hands sporadically for the last ~9 months), just started grinding again. Wanted to cash out some money from Betsafe the other day and they tell me I have to verify my identity. AGAIN.

I've sent my ID in for verification at least two times before (I've had an active account with them since ~2005).

Why do I have to do THEIR work AGAIN? How is this not saved in their database or whatever already?!
Shouldn't I be more than verified by now?

No, it doesn't really take that long since I usually have my documents online already, but it's fucking annoying. Makes me wonder if the people working at Betsafe are idiots or maybe they have a weak customer system? Yeah, I'll send it in again and then I will make the withdrawal, only this time it'll be my entire bankroll.

You probably shouldn't play on Betsafe unless you enjoy sending in pictures of your ID/bills a few times a year.