Dec 22, 2011

Big news.....

So I was looking for a part time job. Applied for one. Got called to an interview. Got called to a second one. Got the job. So yeah, I'm basically not grinding as much as I want/should/whatever. I'm tired. I'm a night nurse for a sick boy with multiple handicaps. I work with another nurse all night and give him meds, food, clean his stuff. I really like the kid, he's adorable and he's always so happy. :)

 This is what I want to do right now. I'm still gonna grind, but mr blog will suffer (as it have been doing for like 6 months :/) . I promise I'll update with giraffes and hands. Just not now. :)

Lots of love!

Dec 9, 2011


just felt like posting this pic, cos, well, I'm bored.
played 400 hands os today, pissed me off quite a bit. also pt3 fucked me over, again. on my other laptop. said something about hud couldn't run and something gay. PT3: IMPRESS ME!

Dec 8, 2011


I know I haven't updated in like forever. but tbh I was kind of freaked out because of that 'someone pretending to me on a dutch forum' thing ..been thinking about not blogging anymore. this shiz is scary imo. or w/e, I'm not sure.
had a great night out with great people (some greater than others .....) the other night. I needed that :)

played 30 min or so yesterday, couldn't get the fucking pokertracker to work (again, as usual) so I didn't bother. won 250bb anyway for some reason. one of the tightest regs in the world paid me off with something retarded (he's like 8/8 on 5max).

filter obv from last time I played on this laptop
for googlers:

Nov 28, 2011


yeah I've seen the thread, but I have absolutely NO idea what u guise are talking about. if someone wants to fill me in on the details that'd be great. who is monkyyy? I actually registered for the forum but I guess it's locked now or something. dutch is quite similar to swedish, but I still don't understand it.



hit n ran 240bb today, tables died pretty fast anyway. :[

Nov 27, 2011

seems like ipoker is introducing their own "essence" system...fu ipoker?

well isn't that awesome?

not sure if anyone plays there anymore though, seems to be mostly bots (not house bots ;) ) playing there aorn.

and I'm not really sure where I should play (yes, again, I'm confused and allowed to change my mind several times a day because I'm a girl, ha!).

was thinking about enet, but it's not totally reliable if u don't have a good agent..
maybe pkr again? even though it messes my laptop up when pt3 is running (this is probably not pkrs fault, just the shitty shitty software of pt).
had a pretty decent weekend, think I won like 12 bis or so. :]
how was ur weekend?

also wondering if I should dye my hair again :P darker this time. like this but not
oh, got some great tips on not being so results oriented, thanks guys:) <3

Nov 24, 2011

way too results oriented

god I hate it. does anyone have a good tip to help me get rid of it? to not care about results?
someone said he'd been playing for a month without looking at his graph/balance in the client ..
I'd love to do that :P but kinda hard to when u see ur balance when u log in. gah. another reason to play at stars I guess.

oh, my facebook is back, well, for now at least.
gonna play all weekend now :]
and next week will be drunken mongo nights (but without nilla :( )
nilla will be avail for mongo night in one month, weehe ! can't wait! :D

Nov 13, 2011

don't wanna go home :(

going out tonight again. :)
gahhh I'll miss london and nilla so so so much. I should buy a new ticket home, shouldn't I?

oh, saw the kebab guy (almost) beating someone up. no idea why though, I wonder if he said something nasty about his kebab or something :P good times. we also got (stole?) a balloon. when we were walking home with our balloon random people said "happy 3 years" and we have no idea what it means. do u?

Nov 12, 2011

do u want to f*ck? like seriously

ehh who says that?
where u from, sweden blablablablabla, "do you want to fuck?" "no I do not (not with you anyway)" "ehh sorry, did I offend you?" "have a good night sir kthxbye" wtf? 11 pm ? like, already? don't think so sir


Nov 10, 2011

mongo night(s) coming up!

will be amazing. will it beat monday mongo night? not sure, it'll be damn hard to beat that!

if anyone wants to come, we'll be in clapham junction drinking beer and jäger :]

Nov 8, 2011

h00kers and blow. true story this time.

hungover :(

started out by going to a bar...then a gay bar in soho..met a weird gay man who really wanted to show us which prostitutes he'd slept with (and also their chat convo, a bit strange), take a pic of his peen and when we asked him where people go after this (since it was a monday) he said that we could go to his place and do some coke and call some prostitutes. well why not?
anyway, ended up at another club and stayed there till 5 or so, then we went home, ate eggs (wtf) and fell asleep.
I seriously don't want to show you any pictures from this fine evening..........

(old pic, I'm not blonde anymore)

Nov 7, 2011

london in a few hours

so happy
air update: free wifi onboard lolwat awesome
hai guise

Nov 4, 2011

guess what I just did

winnar gets $100

cu in london (I wanna say bitches ,but apparently I'm not allowed to) bros!

Oct 31, 2011

1 week to go :)

and then it's mongo night times :]
going out on monday so it's airport-->beer. I wonder if anything is open in cj on a monday? haha. hope so :) iiiih I'm so excited.

lost my poker mojo again, dunno why. maybe I'm too excited about this trip? I know I'm going to grind when nilla is at work though. like what else is there to do in her room? :p


Oct 22, 2011

you can't win if you fold! hahaha

still grinding, 04.45 am, kinda feels like I'm inside their head, stealing their thoughts (yeah, I should go to bed). but I'm up 10 bi's atm. quite happy with that. :D

Oct 19, 2011

this pic nearly killed me.

late night + funny pictures = me crying. so funny.
the bird with the fish saying "I can show you the world" or something is my 2nd all time fav pic btw. hahaah..dear god. my humor is so bad it's not even funny.

Oct 16, 2011

Sunday Grind y0

Played like 3k hands yesterday and won ~300bb. Go me. :]

(me being mad)
Tonight it's mtt time. Oh I know. It'll just end with me being mad. Send pics of cute cats kthxbai :]

Gaaahahaha... I'm stupid.
I thought I had registered for a strange turbo something and that my stack was 3000. It's not 3k, it's 30k! And it took me 17 minutes to notice! :( grr

Oct 12, 2011

For a second there I thougnt my account was hacked. Turns out it's just Ongame sucking like they usually do.

Logged in to my ongame account at like 6 pm. Logged back in again at 11.30 ish pm...noticed something strange...

Wtf is this crap? Anyway, after some digging it turns out that Ongame crashed (again) and lots of players have zero money in their accounts. One guy even had -1 in his (according to 2+2). Lets see how they will compensate all the players that were deep in tournaments etc..
Looking good there Ongame :P
My cat caught a bird on the balcony today. Only thing is that it's (uhh wtf is the English word for this?)'s not open, it has (glass)windows instead. No idea how the bird got in there, but kitty caught him and ran to the livingroom to show me. I yelled "BAD KITTY!!!!!!!!!" (imo this isn't true, he's a very good kitty for catching dinner for the whole family), and he got confused and let the bird go: Put the cat in the bathroom and checked to see if the little bird was ok. He was, so I let him out again. Guess he's not going to crawl up to peoples balconies anytime soon. :P Poor little fella. Cat has been mad all day tho. I understand him. Sorry kitty.

Oct 11, 2011


Ya, I know,  Apple logo is shopped, but guys shouldn't wear swimsuits. This includes Speedos. NO. And def not take pictures of themselves wearing a swimsuit when they have a boner. Lets hope that's shopped as well.

Oct 5, 2011

I can't stop laughing

this is so funny.
I can't stop watching it. probaby wouldn't be funny at all without the crazy bird lady in the background ...

Oct 4, 2011

William Hill admits to having THEIR OWN BOTS playing on ipoker

How retarded is this?!

Link to 2+2

They now have " in games offered via the Website which benefit from more players or greater liquidity we may deploy electronic players (known as robots, and whose usernames will be "bot") who are pre-programmed to play and join in with the game in order to assist the liquidity or the number of players gaming although we will not use bots without making such usage clear to You" in their TC.

NVG post on 2+2

I just barfed a little in my mouth.
I wonder if more sites have their own bots playing? And I also wonder if the bots might know things that human players don't...scary shit right there.

ipoker now says (official statement) that the thread was a midunderstanding since the t&c quote is from their casino/skill games. But why would the support confirm some user as bots? Surely they can't be that stupid? (not sure if this is a question I want an answer to:D)

  One of the pictures from the thread, too lazy to embed

I'm alive :]

just thought I'd let you guys know that. when I'm not posting = I'm not grinding. (as you can see from the amount of gay posts lately)..mainly because of some rakeback issues (as always...)
been playing a little on another network tonight and +300bb so yay me. but other than that I do hope the rakeback thing gets sorted out asap, I just find it disgusting when sites tries to rip their players off. like most networks these days, they punish their grinders (wtf why?!).

end of the year resolution: win a tournament :D (at least 100 players) what do u guys do when u get knocked out for chiplead with AA or whatever when ur deep? I never tilt in cg but this really gets me going :p

oh, I'm still playing so too lazy/too much stuff going on on my screen to check for myself. but I got it in with KK vs A8 on AKJ board and it (it=mr rigged client) said he had 5%, how the hell is that possible? rr perfect read?

Sep 25, 2011

My fav dress :]

So this entry will also be a gay one (sorry guys), the only dress I've received loads of compliments from people (guys). So, what do you think? Only bad thing about it is that it isn't flattering for the terts, it makes them kinda flat. Owell. Can't have ladies night out every night :p

(Pic is taken in a hotel, I don't have a green ugly ass carpet. I think it's at the Atlantis in the Bahamas)

Sep 22, 2011


I know my blog has 99% male readers, but seriously, do you think this looks good?!

Here's what she looked like during the cutting/colouring (is it just me or does she look like she's about to cry/kill herself?)

Sep 21, 2011

I don't have Facebook.

So the Alex you're adding is not me. Just so you know. Just noticed that some girl (?) with hair similar to mine has some of my buddies on her friend list.

And I really don't wanna be one of those people who only updates when they're running like god. I lost 120bb last night and it was totally ridic. But even Alex the Great can't win every day ;)


 a pic of my cat (orange) and my friends cat. :] haha. she looks so...skeptical.

Sep 15, 2011

You people are too funny ... :P


Ok so, some funny search terms you use to find my  blog "retarded porn"  (WTF?), bad parent photos (unfortunately I'm afraid this is true, don't let me have kids), "poop on bench" (this killed me, seriously, who are you?), and some people have started googling my 888 screen name, maybe they saw my awesome (cough) picture on their site. :] haha.

Anyway, pokerz..its actually been going..well..great. It felt like I was up like maybe 1 bi yesterday because I got sucked out on in the biggest/most important pots, but I actually won 700bb..
Funny/weird hand, got me thinking about this post
My thought process isn't like interesting  or anythhing, just that he was a mongoloid (take a wild guess why one of the regs has 10 bis?) ,betting on everything. Thought he had like a pair or a gutshot.

Boss Media $0.50/$1.00 No Limit Hold'em - 5 players

DeucesCracked Poker Videos Hand History Converter

BTN: $135.07

SB: $199.00

BB: $996.96

Hero (UTG): $220.99

CO: $100.00

Pre Flop: ($1.50) Hero is UTG with 7 of hearts 7 of clubs

Hero raises to $4.00, 1 fold, BTN calls $4, 2 folds, S folds

Flop: ($9.50) 7 of spades 2 of diamonds 4 of clubs (2 players)

Hero checks, BTN bets $7.12, Hero calls $7.12

Turn: ($23.74) Q of clubs (2 players)

Hero checks, BTN bets $17.80, Hero raises to $49.50, BTN calls $31.70

River: ($122.74) Q of spades (2 players)

Hero bets $51.00, BTN raises to $74.45 all in, Hero calls $23.45

Final Pot: $271.64

BTN shows 3 of clubs A of hearts

Sep 12, 2011

Graph from today :]

Hah...who knew things could turn out this good, judging from the start of it all :P FU POKER.
I crushed souls tonight.

Sep 8, 2011

So my birthday is coming up

And I think I'm gonna turn 23 this year. Yeah. That's believeable, isn't it?
A nice bday present would be winning the Sunday Million or something. Come on! ONE TIME BABY, ONE TIME!

Sep 6, 2011

this is why we can't have nice things!

found this on sun morning at the bus stop when we were going home. 99% sure it's a human turd. ok I get it, u had to poop. did u have to do it on the bench?

and why would I take a picture of a turd on a bench? well, only so I could write this. I do everything for you, precious readers.

Sep 5, 2011

session cliffs and whatnot

Fri night grind was pretty awesome, I thought I was going to get a new record ..won 7 bi's in like 80 min. But no :( Only 10. Not sure if I should upload any graphs. Do you guys even care about graphs?

Sat night was mongo night and it wasn't awesome at all :/
But Nilla was awesome as always. Love!! I'm pretty sure she took pictures, but I was uh....a little too happy? hah!

Sep 2, 2011

I'm glad that you still like my blog

Hah. But I'm quite sure this guy got a bit disappointed when he searched for:
"webcam porn"

"webcam young porn"
Here's some webcam porn for you sir!


Sep 1, 2011

I'm here now.

Summer was great. I have one more mongo night to attend before I can retire for this season :p
Nilla is in Sweden! WOOO!

So the first session of SEPTEMBER (how is it already Sept?) went alright, I played 400 hands and won 250bb. I just played a quickie after midnight (so technically it's the 1st and whatever). I've played some in August too, but not really.
PT3 is crap again, it made me delete my db. Again. I think it makes you delete it about 2-3 times a year. Just so you can't keep track of your pokerz. Thanks a lot. I'll see if I have to do it on the other laptop as well...

So, to all the googlers:

Why don't I get hem? Just because!

Love to all of you! (Except the pt3 creators!)

Aug 25, 2011

One of my finest poker moments!

*sits down at cg table (online ldo)* "HAHAHA look at this weird bug! I can sit on a table with my whole bankroll, wtf is this crap?" "um..ur sitting at a fl table bro"
I fail :(

this was a couple of years ago though... (does it sound better now? no? aw)

Aug 22, 2011

I'm tired of being who you want me to be

Flattering pic, huh?

I'll be back in September. Summer is not over yet.
Preparing for mongo nights with Nilla. <3

Jul 6, 2011


I guess my blog is on vacation:) haha. since I'm not grinding much I'm not updating (do you really want to read about my drunken nights?)

I've played like 3-4 sessions since my last update and they all went fine, or well, it was rigged as hell but what can you do.. :) think I've averaged about 300bb per session and I'm quite happy with that. should've been millions, but who's counting, right?
oh and that horrible thing with FTP ..WTF ? things like that aren't supposed to happen to the biggest sites ..scary shit right there! I wonder who's buying them .....

orange cat is my cat, 8 months old  vs 4 years, he got kinda fluffy... :p

Jun 24, 2011

Happy midsummer bitches

Shot glass from Palazzo LAS f-ing Vegas, god I miss it! Best rooms ever! My hair looks blonde, but it's not. :) I'll show you another time.
Hope y'all have a good night now. ;) I am!