Jun 24, 2011

Happy midsummer bitches

Shot glass from Palazzo LAS f-ing Vegas, god I miss it! Best rooms ever! My hair looks blonde, but it's not. :) I'll show you another time.
Hope y'all have a good night now. ;) I am!

Should I buy this awesome bird for $8k?

Saw the most amazing bird ever (I kinda don't even like birds) in the pet store yesterday.
A toucan bird, for the mere price of $8000. Hah. Probaby worth it. I just have to find out how long they live. I think it might be slightly -ev if they only live like 3 years in captivity. For 8k they should live like 80 years, like parrots. But I doubt they do.
Didn't even know you could buy exotic birds like these..

He totally looked like he wanted to kill me. Imagine that, living on the edge every day thinking that ur weird exotic bird might kill you in your sleep. Ahhh...

Jun 17, 2011

Session cliffs

Uh, kinda hungover today, was out partying last night. Some weird stuff going on but nothing serious:) Boys seems to be to root to all evil? ....imo it's poker;)

Played on Wednesday, won like 600bb and I was quite happy with that, first session in 10 days or so. And today it's Friday, yay! Everyone knows it's Friday Night Grind. And it sucked donkey balls, super boring, didn't hit any flops. I knoooow, poker is a game of patience..and ohh have I've become more patient from playing poker!
Last 30 min I hit a set and won a 350bb pot and then a retard sat down on my table, played 70/40 and mashed the pot button on every street when checked to. Tyvm sir!

Playing a last tournament on stars, hope I get my buyin back! ;)
Happy grinding guys!

And I miss London (and Nilla) soo so much  .........kinda wanna go .... :)

Jun 10, 2011

Time for a new grind period ..

Haven't been posting a lot lately, haven't been playing, haven't been doing anything really. Except for well, having a life :P ..summer is here! I love it! Weather is gonna be bad now though (from 28C and sunny to 14C and thunder/rain) so I thought I'd start grinding again. Going out with friends tomorrow but after that I'm all yours .. :)

I'm so curious on how many players will register for the WSOP main event. What do you think?

Awesome pic imo:) (yes I'm wearing clothes)