Jul 6, 2011


I guess my blog is on vacation:) haha. since I'm not grinding much I'm not updating (do you really want to read about my drunken nights?)

I've played like 3-4 sessions since my last update and they all went fine, or well, it was rigged as hell but what can you do.. :) think I've averaged about 300bb per session and I'm quite happy with that. should've been millions, but who's counting, right?
oh and that horrible thing with FTP ..WTF ? things like that aren't supposed to happen to the biggest sites ..scary shit right there! I wonder who's buying them .....

orange cat is my cat, 8 months old  vs 4 years, he got kinda fluffy... :p


  1. "(do you really want to read about my drunken nights?)"

    Definitely. Even more than about your poker sessions.

  2. No tx! I would rather prefer if u just put up sessionclips, graph, hands tc. It might be children reading this too.

    Regards, B-O-G

  3. botersmoter7:03 AM

    Is that a maine coon or a Norwegian forrest cat?

  4. ^ B-O-G, children should not use the internet unsupervised so.

    Bring on the drunken nights imo.

  5. Haha bog.. ;)

    BM: cool of you to notice, yeah, it's a norwegian forest cat. Do you have one?:)

    Hmm..I've been drunk too many times this summer, I'm way too old for that shit? Ohwell, I'mma bring it next weekend and quite possibly show you guys. Poker is way more boring in the summer imo. :(

  6. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Where teh fuck r u

  7. haha :)
    not sure where I've been..everywhere and nowhere! :)