Apr 30, 2011


hit n run 4 bi ! that's how I roll baby. no but seriously....

I have a real hard time putting in a session if I know I have to leave in 1 hour (or w/e) .. anyone else? I really need the whole nigth free to feel good about playing ..might run bad, might get stuck, might get stacked by a 79/0 mongoloid three times and wanna win it back ....
as always
the hardest part is standing up

do u have a hard time standing up?


  1. Actually I have a hard time sitting down:D

  2. I think u want to give people a 'hard time standing up' with ur provocative pics, obv ;)

  3. Anonymous3:14 AM

    Have you ever concidered to try play higher? You seem to beat the games pretty easily and its a waste of time not climbing if thats the case.

  4. dodi :D

    provocative? :P

    good question!
    yeah, sure I have, I've played as high as 5/10 (a few years ago), but I get like ..manic depressive from the swings on higher stakes (now), I don't feel the need to play higher/make more money/be balla/sit in bobbys room one day and see who has the largest penis (not me obv:D)
    ...I just don't wanna be "normal" and have a 9-5 job (not right now anyway), so for now,this is what I want to do:)

    oh, and I took a shot at 200nl like 2 weeks ago but it was rigged. :P

  5. Well not too provocative but quite...... stimulating ;).

    PS I 'stand up' any time I feel there isn't a fish on the table- leads to lots of short sessions- don't question my stamina though! Have won 12 of last 13...

  6. When u have a time limit u r always pressured in your mind either, fuck i must make money or at the end of the session, fuck i dont want to lose, u r totally right, a time limited session inhibits your play, so as such u should wait until u have a whole evening / afternoon. This is what now ilts me about playing online, I cant unless I set aside 12 hours, (MTTs only online), because I at least want to reg for 5 hours!

    GL really enjoy your blog!

  7. thanks bb:)
    I agree with you. but I wonder why it is like that? and does it have to be like that? when the games were awesome (like 5 years ago) I could put in a 20 min session here and there, while waiting for my friend to come pick me up or whatever. would never do that today... hehe..

    poor you, I'm so jelly of good mtt grinders. god, you must have the patience of ..well there are no proper words for it. haha. :)