Apr 20, 2011

winning !

I've also started a microstakes project on stars, donating all profits to charity [brag]. so I deserve some goodrun there imo:)

kinda need to find a good movie to watch. any recommendations? no action! :p

this is...so fucking funny. 2.20 guy is my fav
(stupid widescreen thingy)


  1. Anonymous6:25 AM

    ROFL @ 2.38

  2. mööhuhu:) I looked like that when I watched:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bY0xgRA_Sk0&NR=1&feature=fvwp (might not be sfw)

  3. Anyways, if you wanna watch a ridonkulous movie you should watch: "Die Nacht der lebenden Loser"/"Night of the Living Dorks"...dunno why but I think you're from Germany so I copied that in german as well.

    I have to say that movie is awesome:D If you don't like it drink some beer and try again.

  4. Never mind now I can see you're Swedish,lol.

  5. hahaha :)
    I don't mind watching foreign films tho:) and german is very similar to swedish (and I understand quite a bit of it, studied it in school)

    haha "Three not-so-cool school friends decide to try a old voodoo ritual. Later, they die in a car accident, but live on as zombies" :D
    sounds awesome!

  6. Watch Simon (2004) :) It's Dutch, you'll love it!