May 7, 2011

A post about ME and my hair! :P (lots of pics)

Well boo's, wtf should I do to my hair?

Imo this (1st pic) is my fav, don't know why the hell I changed it. Ok I do, but it was a retarded decision! Now, help me:) No mean/retarded comments, khxbai!


  1. First one or second one prob best.... natural blonde and hair down is v good look for u :)

    You prob know this but for guys 'hair' is not a massive factor in how hot you are................

  2. Mark: :p nah...kinda noticed that, guys don't really care at all about your hair (well, not nearly as much as girls do anyway) :( or how it matches your eyes/skin tone...hehe..
    maybe I have some female readers?
    just want a push in, well, any direction, tired of my hair as it is right now. wääh!

    Mike: oh? by what?:p

  3. Mhmmmm....

    Well despite being a guy (and the fact that your pics obv contained other 'distracting' body parts) my comment was quite 'hair focused' :).

    I would definitely keep it down. It is a natural look and has good symbolic meaning :).

  4. Anonymous3:40 PM

    I like them all

  5. not helping !!! :p

  6. i reckon put some colour into it. And if a guys not just after sex then then hair kinda does matter in determining how hot she is lets all picture her with no hair. LOL now im pretty sure we can all see hair matters! if i had to pic one photo id say photo six and im a bit of a hit with the ladies so take my word for it gorgeous Xo

  7. Pic 7 is the NUTS!!!!!!!!!!:)

  8. damnit, u guys aren't helping at all haha:)
    but thanks y'all:)

  9. Anonymous12:43 PM

    pic 1 and 7 win.

  10. pic 4, 8 and...i lost count typing this with one hand.

  11. Okay, I'll help you. All of them are awesome. Just pick one randomly. :D

  12. Anonymous8:50 AM

    how come no one has suggested ginger hair?

  13. Anonymous12:13 PM

    1,6,7 look cute

  14. Mud ew :)
    DP: you don't even know what that looks like!:D

    dodi: still not helping:)

    A1: oh lord! you know why!

    a2: thanks :)

  15. Pic 6 for me but it is a personal preference :)

  16. Anonymous12:32 PM

    may i please see a picture of you smile?
    i want to see your smile.
    smile damn it.
    smile like you just sucked out on the river in a huge pot.
    thank you.