May 5, 2011

Grind !

Finally put in some volume:) (other than the hit n run the other day,hehe)
won about 550bb, felt good :p
one tilting hand tho... :

mongoloid playing 100/12 (yes, 100) and whole table limped on fr (I play fr if it has massive mongoloids playing) and I limped with my T7s and flop comes 689 ,mongoloid leads pot, reg calls, I reraise like x5 and mongo calls, reg calls too, turn: Q , mongo allin, reg allin too (reg had  ~~200bb and I had more) and I cry fold :(
mongo 67 grinder JT. rigged. would've been nice to win that one too. wääääääääääääää!!!

ohwell. can't win them all:)

one of my finest drawings..


  1. Since ur not doing pics of u anymore pls recommend some more fit little known poker players!? :)

  2. not sure what u mean. I post pics. don't u see my awesome raccoon? :P