Jun 24, 2011

Should I buy this awesome bird for $8k?

Saw the most amazing bird ever (I kinda don't even like birds) in the pet store yesterday.
A toucan bird, for the mere price of $8000. Hah. Probaby worth it. I just have to find out how long they live. I think it might be slightly -ev if they only live like 3 years in captivity. For 8k they should live like 80 years, like parrots. But I doubt they do.
Didn't even know you could buy exotic birds like these..

He totally looked like he wanted to kill me. Imagine that, living on the edge every day thinking that ur weird exotic bird might kill you in your sleep. Ahhh...


  1. So did you get the bird? :)

  2. Hah, I wish! :)
    Gotta play some more to afford this eh..luxurious pet. :P