Jun 17, 2011

Session cliffs

Uh, kinda hungover today, was out partying last night. Some weird stuff going on but nothing serious:) Boys seems to be to root to all evil? ....imo it's poker;)

Played on Wednesday, won like 600bb and I was quite happy with that, first session in 10 days or so. And today it's Friday, yay! Everyone knows it's Friday Night Grind. And it sucked donkey balls, super boring, didn't hit any flops. I knoooow, poker is a game of patience..and ohh have I've become more patient from playing poker!
Last 30 min I hit a set and won a 350bb pot and then a retard sat down on my table, played 70/40 and mashed the pot button on every street when checked to. Tyvm sir!

Playing a last tournament on stars, hope I get my buyin back! ;)
Happy grinding guys!

And I miss London (and Nilla) soo so much  .........kinda wanna go .... :)

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  1. hey found your blog from another blog link, anyways look forward to checking it out and nice 350bb finish!!! if we can exchange blog links, that be awesome, you are on mine as well