Nov 27, 2011

seems like ipoker is introducing their own "essence" system...fu ipoker?

well isn't that awesome?

not sure if anyone plays there anymore though, seems to be mostly bots (not house bots ;) ) playing there aorn.

and I'm not really sure where I should play (yes, again, I'm confused and allowed to change my mind several times a day because I'm a girl, ha!).

was thinking about enet, but it's not totally reliable if u don't have a good agent..
maybe pkr again? even though it messes my laptop up when pt3 is running (this is probably not pkrs fault, just the shitty shitty software of pt).
had a pretty decent weekend, think I won like 12 bis or so. :]
how was ur weekend?

also wondering if I should dye my hair again :P darker this time. like this but not
oh, got some great tips on not being so results oriented, thanks guys:) <3


  1. Anonymous6:42 AM


    yw monkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    ipokie has a sex disease similar to herpes but is more smelly so i dont think teh monkiiiiiiiiiii shud play there with their sham sites and bots anywaysssss

    pkr has both aids and cancer with life expectancy of turd, rather play 20handed on ipoker than there

    i think pokiestars is teh only way to go, jan 1 soon anywayysss

    thought u played wif teh boss anyways? orly?

    glad teh monkiiiiii had a gd wkend, mine was good too thankie for asking, i went to my local beer establishment and drank wif ma best frend =D did you do anything else than crush teh pokie?>

    i am about to rub off a phat one to this pic but i have some recommendations for your hairstyle:
    - curly
    - blonde
    - big curl of blonde pulled from one side to teh other
    - NOT a FUCKING frINGE!"
    - angle cam up so can see more tittay
    - push said tittay 2geva
    - lick lips
    - wink with teh one eye


  2. Anonymous8:17 AM

    hi ha ho niet vergeten suiker halen