Nov 24, 2011

way too results oriented

god I hate it. does anyone have a good tip to help me get rid of it? to not care about results?
someone said he'd been playing for a month without looking at his graph/balance in the client ..
I'd love to do that :P but kinda hard to when u see ur balance when u log in. gah. another reason to play at stars I guess.

oh, my facebook is back, well, for now at least.
gonna play all weekend now :]
and next week will be drunken mongo nights (but without nilla :( )
nilla will be avail for mongo night in one month, weehe ! can't wait! :D


  1. have to change the mindset from results to performance orientated. pretty tough to do but possible.

  2. Dusty Schmidt said it in his book,he said that not looking at his results helps him to avoid tilt.I tried it once or twice couldn't go without looking for more than 3 days

  3. Only thing I can suggest:

  4. Anonymous8:56 AM

    london TR [ ]
    pics of teh monkiii [ ]
    i haz a boner still [ ]

    leatherass can get the fuck out imo

    im less results orientated when im playin overrolled so maybe drop down teh stakes a lil while or play 4x normal stake 4x lower stake etc

    dont click show EV line as that always makes it worse

    look away from teh screen when you open ur lolsite

    oorrrrr google mods for teh lolsites client, i know partypokie mods can stop teh manies b shown

    pokiestars has teh 10day grind promo atm for extra dollah if u dint already knowwww monkkkiiiiiii if u wana play there and grind like a badasssssssssssssssssmonnnkkiiiiiiiiii

    i wuff u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. meh, just try to set goals like not looking for 1h or 3h. keep repeating that goal until you can achieve it (probably you won't succed the first time). when you achieve first step then increase the period. do this a couple of times until you reach one day and after it will be pretty easy (in case you play cash, dunno if it works for tournaments)

  6. Anonymous11:53 AM

    mr bojangles

    monkii can play wi ma bojangles and theyre lucky XDxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx