Sep 25, 2011

My fav dress :]

So this entry will also be a gay one (sorry guys), the only dress I've received loads of compliments from people (guys). So, what do you think? Only bad thing about it is that it isn't flattering for the terts, it makes them kinda flat. Owell. Can't have ladies night out every night :p

(Pic is taken in a hotel, I don't have a green ugly ass carpet. I think it's at the Atlantis in the Bahamas)


  1. It would look great on the floor at the end of my bed.hehehe

  2. It's the body not the dress that counts :)

  3. Anonymous4:08 AM

    Aww cute dress, is it wise to flash on the tinternet though?? ;o)

  4. hah, volta :]

    mark: I don't agree! :P

    dov: are you seeing something I'm not? :p hah. I've posted way worse pics before, esp the ones from vegas (both -07 and -10, eeeep). but to answer your question: wise? probably not. hah.

  5. Anonymous1:27 PM

    The flash in the top right hand corner cutie ;D

  6. hahahaha ;) clever :)

  7. You might not agree but the men do ;).


    What I would really like to see is LOTS of nice pics on a post, maybe with a real indepth analysis of some poker hands too... then you could prove you have brains AND beauty :O.

    Feel free to comment on my blog too!