Oct 4, 2011

I'm alive :]

just thought I'd let you guys know that. when I'm not posting = I'm not grinding. (as you can see from the amount of gay posts lately)..mainly because of some rakeback issues (as always...)
been playing a little on another network tonight and +300bb so yay me. but other than that I do hope the rakeback thing gets sorted out asap, I just find it disgusting when sites tries to rip their players off. like most networks these days, they punish their grinders (wtf why?!).

end of the year resolution: win a tournament :D (at least 100 players) what do u guys do when u get knocked out for chiplead with AA or whatever when ur deep? I never tilt in cg but this really gets me going :p

oh, I'm still playing so too lazy/too much stuff going on on my screen to check for myself. but I got it in with KK vs A8 on AKJ board and it (it=mr rigged client) said he had 5%, how the hell is that possible? rr perfect read?

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  1. Hi Alex,

    I wondered if u wud like to do a blog link swap. I am more than happy to add yours to my roll. let me know