Oct 12, 2011

For a second there I thougnt my account was hacked. Turns out it's just Ongame sucking like they usually do.

Logged in to my ongame account at like 6 pm. Logged back in again at 11.30 ish pm...noticed something strange...

Wtf is this crap? Anyway, after some digging it turns out that Ongame crashed (again) and lots of players have zero money in their accounts. One guy even had -1 in his (according to 2+2). Lets see how they will compensate all the players that were deep in tournaments etc..
Looking good there Ongame :P
My cat caught a bird on the balcony today. Only thing is that it's (uhh wtf is the English word for this?) ..it's not open, it has (glass)windows instead. No idea how the bird got in there, but kitty caught him and ran to the livingroom to show me. I yelled "BAD KITTY!!!!!!!!!" (imo this isn't true, he's a very good kitty for catching dinner for the whole family), and he got confused and let the bird go: Put the cat in the bathroom and checked to see if the little bird was ok. He was, so I let him out again. Guess he's not going to crawl up to peoples balconies anytime soon. :P Poor little fella. Cat has been mad all day tho. I understand him. Sorry kitty.

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