Oct 23, 2011

Next stop: London

Cu there bitches, 7-15 nov :]
Jägermeister baby!


  1. see you there.
    don't call me baby.

  2. aww mud, umad? :( u can have some tequila instead of jäger if you want. :)

    rosh: u jelly?

  3. :D Na

    I live in London so I won't be jealous

    It'll probably b freezing when u get here but im sure u r used to that in Sweden!

  4. haha :) I was pretty sure u lived there. so it's me who's jelly. arr..london is the best.

    freezing? you brits crack me up. ;) it's like 5C here and nilla told me it was 12-15 over there so it'll be like a summer vacation! :D well, almost. I'll let the jäger do the rest.

  5. It's 17C today so pretty nice summer temps... but I bet it will b -2C by Nov. The Tequila shud warm u up tho..!!

    Last year:


  6. Haha :) I hope it's not! And first I was like 10 inches? I've seen biggger ..eh nvm. But then I thought, maybe that is a lot to you guys :p we had -32C here last year (and that wasn't even the coldest ~swe wide) :] and also a crazy amount of snow.

    I remember when my flight was cancelled because of snow in London (I couldn't even see the "snow") ..not cool. :P

    Where in London do you live?

  7. innuendo ridden last comment. too easy.

    as for tequila. that stuff is highly disgusting. i only drink russian standard, kopperberg and rum (not at the same time).

  8. Jäger is still much cheaper in Budapest than in London, and u still going there..... are you crazy?:D

  9. I'm in North West London, near Wembley Stadium. Whereabouts you gonna be staying?

    Giv us a shout when ur here.

  10. oh, I actually know where that is :P
    we were going to ikea but we didn't go..hehe.
    I'll be making clapham junction dangerrrous! :D

    hah dodi, it's still more than 50% cheaper in the uk :P and esp in clubs. a friend just got back from bp and didn't invite me, he's so gay.

    mud: if u drink it at the same time I think u'll have an awesome night;)