Nov 15, 2012

Thought I'd share some pics from Corfu :)

Me and bestie went there in June. Had an awesome time, even though we seemed to be the only non british people there (and there to lose our virginity - like anyone would've believed that? xD)

hard to resist, I know..

I got two new tattoos..and yes, u can totally see my knickers through my skirt. nice to notice about 3 months later, yes?

We are ridicilously bad at pool. But beer is nice.

Bar street..

one of the tats.

I'm at work right now so I'll add more pics in another post. :)

Last session went extremely well btw, about 600bb. Maybe I should start posting graphs and/or hands?


  1. Anonymous9:46 PM

    hachachacha, your bestie is a sort

  2. haha. she's the best!

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