Nov 11, 2012

Betsafe truly are idiots. [Rant]

Yeah I'll leave out all the stealing money and withholding my rakeback ("sure", there is "no" rakeback on ongame [lol]), it's old and I've moved on (got my revenge already).

I've been on a pretty serious break from poker now (only playing 500-1000 hands sporadically for the last ~9 months), just started grinding again. Wanted to cash out some money from Betsafe the other day and they tell me I have to verify my identity. AGAIN.

I've sent my ID in for verification at least two times before (I've had an active account with them since ~2005).

Why do I have to do THEIR work AGAIN? How is this not saved in their database or whatever already?!
Shouldn't I be more than verified by now?

No, it doesn't really take that long since I usually have my documents online already, but it's fucking annoying. Makes me wonder if the people working at Betsafe are idiots or maybe they have a weak customer system? Yeah, I'll send it in again and then I will make the withdrawal, only this time it'll be my entire bankroll.

You probably shouldn't play on Betsafe unless you enjoy sending in pictures of your ID/bills a few times a year.



  1. obv they, like most people, want more pics of you.

  2. hahaha, made me smile. :)