Nov 21, 2012


going to work in 10 min :( would much rather stay at home and just grind, thinking I'm starting to get ahold of it again..well about time. :P poker is fun again.
had a weird feeling earlier today, that I really reaaally need to go on a vacation somewhere nice and warm, since it's been so was in Greece in june/july. selective memory, anyone? damn u mind, y u do this to me? hah.
well I def need to go this gorgeous bird soon, though. miss u so so so much. oh is only two hours away. =)


  1. Anonymous4:32 PM

    You should get your friend to do a blog. I'm sure there are more people who think like I do, lol

  2. haha..or I'll just keep posting pics of her. =)
    but I'll ask her for you:)