Dec 4, 2012

Phil Galfond (I love you)

..if you ever get tired of those super models with (possibly) fake boob sand would settle for a laidback and non high maintenance swedish chick, please let me know. you are super hot.

jäger on me obv!


  1. 1) you have resorted to reusing photos
    2) you chose a doubly great photo (magnificent nails, yeah) so point 1 was a positive
    3) that's it. it's over between you and me.

  2. hahaha. do you look anything like phil galfond? if so, I'm willing to discuss this further in private.

    was working on another pic post from greece (for all the nilla fans ofc), but my internet is fucked up right now (yep, winter is here - nothing works properly). check back in a few days. :)

  3. As it so happens I don't think I do, which probably means I do do. Please feel free to take this further.
    Thank you kindly.

  4. Did my previous comment work?
    Does a ducks quack echo?
    Nobody knows n

  5. yeah sorry about that, I gotta confirm comments now, I get a shitload of spam.
    I'm in desperate need of photos of you :P

  6. Cool. I've always wanted a lady to say that to me. Email me your email and I'll email you a picture. By email.

  7. and where might one find that glorious email of urs? or just add me on facebook os. :P