Dec 2, 2012


just finished a loong session, ended up about 650bb up. still can't get that "omg gotta check how I'm doing" out of my head tho. I need someone to slap me if I try to bring pt3 up. :P

had a strange 55+/30/7 fish call me a fish today, was sort of fun. he really wanted to bust me..haha. didn't really succeed tho. he said "do you not have a life?!" (he'd been at the table longer than I had) and after a while he kept whining "omg the fish isn't playing any hands! omg!"
excuse me sir, wth do you think "fish" means?
or possibly the best level of all time?

had a really fun weekend for once, thanks guys. needed it.

one of the best songs in da wooorld. :)
no pics of nilla. this time. :P haha.

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