Dec 11, 2012

Best network for ug nl?

Hai guise, need ur help. One of my friends wants to grind all his xmas holiday, think he'll be starting at like 5NL to move up to 10 oc 20 NL after he's gotten "into" it. Which network has the softest games? I'm thinking PKR? I'm at Party right now and I don't think it's that I sort of hate the software.
Any ideas? =) Or is it pretty much the same everywhere?


  1. not sure about softness, but i would look at rake/rakeback and game availability, especially if he plans on playing at unusual hours.

    micro games everywhere should feature bad players and plenty of weak regs. if he's looking to learn, playing with in reg-heavier lineups might actually accelerate it if he responds well to being challenged.

  2. Micros pretty much the same everywhere,i would stay away from PKR though unless your mate likes to play 40 hands/hour at FR