Sep 12, 2010


Sooo..I now have a little "blog" at -
Check it out if you haven't. :)

My throat is killing me today. And the cat is evil. He tried to stick his head in a glass of water last night but of course his head was too big so he got stuck and eventually spilled the glass. On my laptop. So he marinated my laptop for a few hours while I was sleeping so that was a nice surprise to wake up to. But it seems to be you DELL. (:

Nilla and her Sunwing friend Krille on our last night. Looks like she's had enough already? =)
Also, look at my beer and look at hers. DRINK SLOWER?


  1. Dont go bloggin elsewhere... i like the blog here! lol :)

    Re: Sky Poker. I have an account there. Play mainly the mtts there though occasionally for a change of scenery.

    Its very soft but equally not the best software, tourney structure (not that you'd have this problem with cash), no hud, etc.

    Any other questions fire them across :)

    Matt x

  2. Thanks Matt :) All I've heard so far is "it's rigged. It sucks. FU SKY POKER!". Might be worth a shot though ..haha. Curios Alex.

    And I'm not abandoning my blogspot! :D