Sep 9, 2010

I'm a Ninja. And Annas boobs.

Yea I dunno. I'm so sick right now. Fever hallucinations and sleeping. Pwnage. I'll be back on track in no time. I hope.

Here's me on the plane being a ninja. It was so friggin' cold on the plane, I almost died. Had to tie my sweater around my head. x) Had it on the whole flight..
oh yeah, Annas boobs too. They're huge.


  1. Heyyy,

    I'm a ninja too. But you are cuter than my other ninja girls colleagues from the temple. You should come and train with us. :-D

    Happyyyyy Birthdayyy!!!!!!!!
    Wishing you miles of smiles in the coming years.

  2. thanks my fav ninja:)