Sep 15, 2010

Session cliffs

Hmm yea..didnt flop anything.
Strange hand.

Preflop: Hero is UTG with
Hero bets $4, MP calls $4, 2 folds, BB calls $4

Flop: ($12.50)  (3 players)
BB checks, Hero bets $9, MP raises to $18, BB calls $18, Hero calls $18

Turn: ($66.50)  (3 players)
BB checks, Hero checks, MP bets $24, BB calls $24, Hero folds

River: ($114.50)  (2 players)
BB checks, MP checks

Total pot: $114.50 | Rake: $3

BB had A, A (two pair, Aces and sevens).


  1. hate it when that happens :(

    Got my first straight flush ever today, yay!!
    I'm on the ultimate grind though, Playing $1 sit n goes, but my stats are rising.

    i dont play more than one table at a time, i dont trust my abilitys or it could be because im tooo slow.

    Hope your well x

  2. what? ever? that's weird :P I guess you don't play a lot then..hehe. I've gotten like 30+ royals now.
    maybe I've 16 tabled for too long..

    gl with your $1 sngs:) sounds like a fun project. maybe I should do something similiar(:

  3. Anonymous8:07 AM

    saw ur blog on coinflip, just wanna say hello and best of luck.