Sep 22, 2010

session cliffs session ended much earlier :P but w/e. I'm on a different computer. internet is still ghey. not sure why...
but I'm keeping myself busy with my new little project - it's going to be so much fun!

oh yea, poker, I think I ended 27 bb up or something...didn't play very long (500 hands maybe?). not much happened, I didn't flop anything..lost some smaller pots. got unlucky in one. hm.
raised on button with QTs ,sb flats and bb makes a small re-raise, hey, wth not ...flop comes 2s Js 9s. not sure how I got it in but I did. another s fell on the river but I still won (didn't make the straight flush, doh). fun.
oh, and I played some PLO too, it was fun, I played on some shallow tables (not sure why) and cap tables and some regular ones. I left one shallow table (40 bb max buy-in) with 400 bb so that was fun:) too bad it's micro stakes..why wasn't it 5/10 ? 

I want coffe... but you can't drink coffee before you go to bed..or can you?

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