Oct 28, 2010

life is guuuuud

:) things are going really well atm. And Miami isn't too far away away either.

I just watched the pilot of "Rob and Amber against the odds" (some kind of reality star who wants to go pro live, uhh,lame) and ...it sucked ass. As expected, but still, really embarrassing to watch =(
Do you know what happened to that show with some pros living in a house just grinding for like 3 months? Possibly in Vegas? Did they ever record it? Might be fun to watch. 

Think we're going to Ikea with Nilla later today. And then it's Fishing Time! Ran really well my last session, one time baby, one time!

now: coffee and study bookkeeping (it's so boring). But I have to. :)


  1. [x] more cat pics

  2. tratt4:43 PM

    Har du missat 2 months 2 millions alltså? Shame on you!!

  3. gulleslask:)
    visa mig var det finns?