Oct 11, 2010

Miami, bitch

So, no PCA Bahamas. I think this will be more awesome, we're going on the Ladbrokes Cruise again. :) However, I get really seasick so lots and lots of drugs needed, yes indeed.

I played the ladies freeroll the last time we went (uh..2008?) and that went alright. I think it was like 30 ladies left and my motionsickness pills started to wear off and I saw no other option but to go allin and run to the cabin..haha. That freeroll sucked ass though, everyone thought it was a $x k (1 or 2 or 3 - can't remember, I'm old now you know), anyway, a normal tournament with normal payouts (150+ ladies registered). But only top3 got paid  and they got a buyin to some ladies tournament in London...and I found that out after I've registered etc so that was rather lame. Cash is king.

....I'll see if I can find any pictures frorm it... :)

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