Oct 10, 2010


Tournaments today? No idea. I really want to win a tournament again:) I don't play that many mtt's because they tilt me so god damn much (I love you tuff_fish). I haven't been "close" to the final 9 like ever on stars/ftp...but way closer on Euro sites. I made a ft once at stars like a million years ago, it was one of those freerolls for ...mieh..gold,platinum, something like that. I got a few hundred for that place and I guess it was a lot of money to me "back then". Baah... I miss how things used to be in the poker world.

And remember
Temporary setbacks are just that.


  1. haha alex.. du är fan bara för skön... samma själv-ironi som jag, fan gött o se... din nya header bara ruuuular... hehe... underbar bild.. jepp.. ha en underbar vecka. stora kramar från malmö och Stamp-E ... p.s. du får ju lira lite live-turrar o rapportera från dom... med din hjärna och ditt utseende kommer du tömma borden... ;) :D

  2. Hi Alex,

    What's up? :-)
    Glad to see you that you're back on track with your poker. Hope to see you soon winner of one big MTT on PS or FT. :-)

    I can't stand those tournaments...the tilt is huge for me there. :-)


  3. tack så mycket stampe:)
    kanske kör något i januari, vi får se! ska iväg till det stora landet då.

    thanks ninja, appreciate your comments. I too hope to see me as a winner of one of the bigger tournaments soon :P but that means that I at least have to register for them and I haven't done so ....because I know they will drive me mad. :P grr. I envy pro (online) tournament players. give me some of that patience please... (:

  4. I miss old pic with klyftdress:-( tx anywhy! tx in advance tooo!

    / bert-åke

  5. okej åke. jag tycker den e rolig!