Oct 9, 2010

Saturday Night Grind

Yeap..that's what I'll be doing... :)
There were some crazy ass tables running a few hours ago and I tried to get in on the action (70 vpip tables, 90 bb avg pots), grahhh..mrähhh....Jaa..I tried. I got 2 buyins and then all tables died (retards left,eh)

Here's a hand that'll keep me up for weeks, kind of..it's so retarded I'm speechless..
And to clarify: this is my ~4th hand so I have no reads at all on these guys. When I got some hands on them they both played 80/50, which of course changes everything. But with no reads I am insta folding to a raise and a reraise when UTG limped. I think UTG (retard) has a set or a suited connector here almost every time, which is why I folded.

alex (MP) ($96)
CP ($305.29)
BB ($192.93)
RETARD ($496.13)
Button ($180)
Preflop: alex is MP with A, J RETARD calls $1, alex bets $5, 1 fold, CP calls $5, 1 fold,
RETARD raises to $9, alex calls $9, CP calls $9  
Flop: ($28) J, 5, 6 (3 players)  
CP bets $10, RETARD raises to $20, alex folds, CP raises to $30, RETARD raises to $200, CP calls $200
Turn: ($428) Q (2 players) CP raises to $96.29 (All-In), RETARD calls $96.29  
River: ($620.58) A (2 players, 1 all-in) Total pot: $620.58 


RETARD shows A4 and wins the pot....
CP shows J T

 graph is from yesterday, so much value but I just couldn't hit any flops..and I lost all sets:(


  1. ballswick6:37 AM


    What site is this?

    IMO.. raise villain to 60 after he min raised.

  2. I had no info on them what so ever, this is my ~4th hand. Why would I raise to 60 when that leaves me with 31bb behind? All in or fold is the only options.

    Also note that retard limps UTG which usually means low pp or a suited connector.
    If either has a set I'm pretty much drawing dead. If one has, let's say 78 of diamonds I am also behind. And there's another player behind me so that leaves me with not a lot of options but to fold to 2 players that I have no reads on.
    Had I known they were both playing 80/50 I would have insta pushed.

    and it's Boss network.