Nov 29, 2010

Beat: Flight cancelled :(

Fu Lufthansa.
As I've told u before, I'm going to Miami in January to go on the Ladbrokes poker cruise (wee), flight was cancelled today.....but we'll think of smth:)

Brag: doubled up the 4th hand with KK vs AK.

.... I quit...eheh..

Maybe I should play some PLO on stars?


  1. bad beat with the flight :(

    What makes you consider PLO when you're making a steady $ in the hold'em games? Also what brings you to Stars?

    Come join me (although i expect you'll be at higher stakes than me as i'm rebuilding my poor unhealthy bankroll!) :(

  2. no manies in holdem, everyone is solid ;)
    I think there are more donks in plo, I may be wrong..

    Stars, don't know. I have manies there and there are a lot of tables running:)
    I'm playing microstakes there though..I suck at plo:P

  3. yeah - i'm probably one of those donks :)

    Whats your username on stars if you don't mind me asking I play under 'Ivydrive' there... (i won't be offended if you want to keep it secret)

    Good Luck - let us know how the plo goes!

    p.s. Nice pic in your latest post :)

  4. u play on the 10 plo tables? =P
    I'd tell u on private, but not here,haha. I hate stalkers.
    ur good people though.

  5. Haha. I'll message you on FB or similar then :)
    I have been playing the 10 plo tables. Mainly the 50bb tables but will slot some 100bb and 250bb tables in too if they look fishy. Struggling to feel positive about it though as you can probably see from my latest blog update.

    Want to move up as i struggle to motivate myself at such low stakes but equally dont want to losing $$$ and have very little confidence in my cash game ability...

    I'm going to keep learning with the plo cash on the side and play shorter sessions when i only have a spare hour or so to fill i think.

    Hopefully see you at the tables soon - once ive found out your secret identity that is! ha :)

  6. z00mg, me too, haha. :)
    don't have the plo support for pt3 on this comp so I can't see if I've won any manies from you.haha..ihh. exciting. I'm so fishy;)

    gonna check ur blog post now:)

  7. I probably have some real good notes on you :p haha
    I havent played all that many hands but i guess its possible we've played each other. I would check my PT but can't because you're a secret :)

  8. HALP!!! :P
    ok, I'll tell u on fb now :)