Nov 21, 2010

Maybe I'm still the Fish? ...after 6 years..

I started playing freerolls 2004 or something like that, had a bf that played poker (<3)..and it seemed fun. So I started.
I remember one hand (freeroll ofc), I had Ax and villain 33 and it was aip, board came down KKJJ5 or whatever and I just couldn't figure out why I won the pot....... well done Alex, well done ;)

I left prima for the merge network (I think it was only one site back then - Won some moniez :) ...ran it up to about 9k by playing 2/4 and 5/10 (climbing the stakes, started at like 20NL) FR..and in the good old days you only played one table. I eventually started playing four or so tables.
At this time it actually worked to open shove 50 bb''d get 1 or 2 calls (!).
I think I played like 30/5 or something really weak.

Left merge for Ongame and the 'new' thing...RAKEBACK:)
Still open limped a lot. Time is probably late 2006/early 2007. Loved the rakeback. Didn't love the regs (afaik merge didn't offer rb back then = less grinders).

Moved to ipoker.
This is when I start to adjust my stats (got pokertracker/hud etc and LIMPING IS BAD!) ... :)
I play über nitty, like 12/10 or something and 16 table 1/2.

Fast forward till Late 2010.
I play ~23/16 (surely it's exploitable but I don't mind it since I think I'm better than many players post flop) on 5max tables on boss..I've dropped down from 2/4 to 0.5/1 .. I think the games (200NL and up) are hard to beat these days (plus I'm lazy as fuck and a true bum hunter and I hate the swings)...

Pretty much everyone I know that plays for a living is "running bad" now..winrate going down, some have busted and moved on..

It's really bad that we (the Eurodonks) have lost France and Italy. One reason to why there aren't as much fish as it used to be. (FR & IT players can only play vs locals on special skins/networks).

Seriously considering moving to Italy or France.
Or trying something different, 'lag fish style' limping. Not sure how though. Might be time for some experimenting:)

I'm still a fish
Thinking about becoming a better fish
..possibly quit poker soon.

So here's a pic of smth disturbing..


  1. Hey,

    Least you made money from poker :) How are you? message you other week but had no reply :(

    Ive only just started blogging again, been busy as hell. But If your ever in UK give me a tinker (call) and we'll hit the casino's for all they got lol.

    Hope all is well x

  2. Ah..try again:)

    Tinker, lol, yea, good you explained that:)
    I'm going there soon, I think.
    Going to be fun:)