Nov 27, 2010

WTF + session cliffs

VC poker is moving to entraction? WTF is this shit? What happened? Well done ipoker, you can't fail more than this. Really. Look what happened to microgaming. Think they're doing good?

Lots of fish playing last night, of course I tried to catch them, but it looks like they caught me :P Lost AA to QT aif, Q34 or smth, QQ to A8, KK to ..can't even remember, but it was lame. And a set vs set (but that's standard). My biggest "leak" is prolly that I can't fold to fishy players. Of course they're going to hit good sometimes...but...but..they suuuuuck... :)

Think I've decided to not go out tonight....I'm wearing three shirts and I'm still freezing..
It's so cold. So cold. :( It's -10C/14F outside. That's not acceptable.

Shit happens:)

This has got to be the coolest bird ever...

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