Nov 20, 2010

Yea, there's no way online poker is rigged

Evidence A)

I've had a little micro stakes (nl10) project going on for 2 weeks or so and I have to say..I give up.
I'm not even going to mention site/network because this is insane imo.
Sure, 15k hands is not enough but I sure as hell don't wanna find out where the f I'll end up if I continue :P
40 bi's is sick imo.

Here's my normal graph (Nov 17). Oh yeah, not doing the rake race, not enough money..because they're really trying this time.
Note to self: always do first rake race (if there are more than one period /month)..

Best regards,
Bitter as fuck


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  2. Ooooo bingo.
    Suitable here for sure. :P