Jan 4, 2011

Hello New Grind Year! =)

Played my first session yesterday and it went ..uh...below expected! First session I lost ~300bb, KK vs AQ aip, AA vs K9 aip and a flopped set lost to a higher river set (of course). Enough about that..
Session 2, won 250 bb and session 3 about 60 so, pretty much break even. Guess I shouldn't complain, considering I didn't start the year by losing a bunch of manies.. :)

Won 3 buyins at FTP too, but it's microstakes so it doesn't really count. Almost cleared my bonus now, it's at 90% or so.
Happy I made it:)

Now: Grind.
And by grind I mean frontierville grind on facebook, I'm way too tired for poker..only slept 4½ hrs tonight, wähh.

About 2 weeks left and then

 The 24 hour (?) trip doesn't even seem that bad right now! ...take me to the sun..

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