Jan 9, 2011

session cliffs + my brown hair.

uhhh..didn't make itm in any tournament :P ..dunno if I should be mad or happy that I busted vs 2 outs in all tournaments but one (three outs). mwahh!!!
why does stars hate me so much? =(

cg was incredibly slow, didn't get any hands/didn't hit the board at all..bla bla.
the best part was that I got JJ 27 times and lost all (that got a flop) but one where we split the pot .. um..yea. I hate JJ but at least give me ONE!?!? I actually had JJ on four tables at the same time, and yep, I lost them all. :P so, cliffs: JJ SUCKS.

rush on the other hand, was not rigged at all, won 5 bi pretty fast. normal cg up 32 bb ..yay. I'm guessing bb/100 was like 0.2...hehe.

my "new" hair. be kind. I look the same in all pics bc I'm the one taking them:)
the flash doesn't do it justice,though.

what's ur win% with JJ ? :)


  1. well maybe most men don't look on your hair first, I for my part prefer the eyes :P

    as for JJ, search on youtube "how to play Pocket Jacks", there are some pretty hilarious videos hehe

  2. I've always suspected that actually! That they really don't care. Like if it's shiny or not (super important for girls, umm) or a good color.

    Oh, I'll do that :P Maybe I'll learn something..;p

  3. and by eyes you mean boobs, right?

  4. that is totally up to you Alex :D and no, I actually mean the eyes ;)

  5. and by eyes you mean....no, wait:)
    I wish I had blue eyes.

    and o hai dere dp,haven't stalked ur blog in a while (:

  6. I mean eyes in general. Take it as you like ;)
    Nothin much happenin over there, but I just decided to post in English instead of Norwegian for the future.. More people can read :D

  7. Jurre4:42 AM

    he meant boobs, dont worry

  8. I can't be bothered to open my DB up but I'd expect a JJ winrate over a 100k sample to be around 60-65% no higher.

    Js is really a hand you can't play for all the chips unless your HU.In a 6m game it's like any other small pair unless your facing complete donks

  9. Interesting..thanks for that :)
    but I think ur right, never been a big fan of JJ..it's usually "oh crap, what am I going to lose against this time?". :P
    But I get that with AA in a downer too, though.

    and yaah, boobs!!