Jan 26, 2011

Mexico today, live grind tomorrow :)

$0.68 per minute:) awesome internet. so slow. laptop broke too haha. I knew mini pcs was shit.

gonna play a tournament tomorrow, might be fun :) or not..ladies freeroll;)
having a blast, the weather is pretty awesome(even though it rained today in Costa Maya) ...going snorkeling tomorow morning, some kind of marine sanctuary or w/e, will be awesome, I love snorkeling ...as long as there are no sucking fish (dunno what theyre called, nasty bastards).

will post pics when I get home:) be patient. haven't taken that many though.


  1. lol good luck with the fish ... and in the tourney :P

    looking forward to the pics, I take it that is the moment when you try to rub it in that you are there and we aint ;)

  2. ty! :)
    and ofc not! ;)