Feb 12, 2011

Hand question

live tournament
I have J2o in the big blind , I have 2bb (= 1 behind), cut off  open limps, sb completes and I ...check
flop comes 456 and sb shoves for 200% pot ..I can fold here? Yes, no?

sb had K4 and CO almost snap called with K2 (!) and won .....


  1. I personally fold there too. Dont think a call is statistically awful given how short you are but its horrible to call off you remining stack on a gutshot. So yeah, i fold and shove the first reasonable hand i get.
    Not sure how you managed to get so short though as you lose fold equity when you're that short. should've been looking to ship it in a little earlier. x

  2. I felt I was most likely drawing dead ..

    lost a big pot, got short. :)
    and it was a super turbo almost, 15 min blinds (live).

  3. Anonymous7:45 AM

    ship it pre ido